10 Lessons Learned from my 15 Year Long Yoga Practice


  • Practice every day, whether that means a physical asana practice or mental practice of sitting in meditation. Usually those times when you really don’t feel like doing yoga is when you need it the most, and you’ll always feel better after!


  • Always move from your core (your center).


  • Keep your hips square! If you can’t tell what “square” feels like, practice in front of a mirror where you can check to make sure your hips are even. Going through flow with un-square hips causes physical pain and imbalances.


  • Technique is more important than depth. Don’t sacrifice proper form in order to push yourself further into a pose…that’s what causes injuries. Listen to your body, know your limits, and stay with your breath. If you stop breathing or it becomes difficult to breathe, you’ve gone too far. Yoga without breath is just stretching in a heated room.


  • Once you’ve achieved stability and proper technique in a pose, always ask yourself, “How can I open myself up more?” This will help you to push yourself further and reach the next level. When in doubt, open up your heart.


  • Pay attention to your lines of energy, and which direction your points of contact are going in. For example, when doing Virabhadrasana II (Warrior II) or Trikonasana (Extended Triangle Pose), make sure your heals are pulling inward to activate your inner arc.


  • During Chaturanga, lean forward slightly past your finger tips before going down, and keep your elbows tucked in alongside your body as you lower (don’t stick them out like a normal push-up).


  • Keep your shoulders down. Pinching your shoulders blades together helps with this. If you can’t seem to get your shoulders down, do some ball work to break up the knots and tight connecting muscles.


  • Relax your face and your gaze. Straining your face and eyeballs will not make the pose easier :D.


  • Shavasana is the most important pose in your practice. Try to lay in shavasana without moving or fidgeting, and completely let go. This is key to integrating all of your hard work from the asana into your daily life.




About the Author:

Nicole is a certified yoga instructor and holistic health coach specializing in Bulletproof nutrition and biohacking techniques. She personally used the Bulletproof lifestyle to recover from severe autoimmune disease and a lifetime of systemic inflammation. Read more about her passion work on Bioglo.io.
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