Top 10 Recent Ayahuasca Ceremony Teachings

Here are the top 10 ayahuasca teachings from my most recent ceremony in Costa Rica…

  1. Be strong – stand up for yourself and put your well-being first. You know what is right for you.
  2. You are being watched over and cared for. For me, my polar bear spirit animal is always protecting me.
  3. Be patient and don’t take anything personally; let it wash over you. See the reality for what it is, accept it, and lead as an example. Always respond with kindness, even when it is not given.
  4. Everything is connected.
  5. Find your voice. Speak clearly and make yourself heard.
  6. The universe is conspiring to help you.
  7. Everything happens for a reason.
  8. Look around and see the sacred geometry everywhere in nature.
  9. Have faith that Mother Ayahuasca is helping you in whatever way she sees. You may not understand it now, but it is what needs to happen. Sometimes it may feel like nothing is happening during the ceremony, and you feel completely normal, but Mother Ayahuasca is still inside of you, doing exactly what she needs to do. The experience is perfect. She heals and cleanses.
  10. Listen to your intuition. If something doesn’t feel right, don’t do it – even if you’ve already invested a lot of time and effort into it. Your gut feelings are not to be ignored.





About the Author:

Nicole is a certified yoga instructor and holistic health coach specializing in Bulletproof nutrition and biohacking techniques. She personally used the Bulletproof lifestyle to recover from severe autoimmune disease and a lifetime of systemic inflammation. Read more about her passion work on
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