What Will You Manifest?


What Will You Manifest?


Celebrate the tiny victories. Every moment is an opportunity to begin. To step forward on the path you design. To open your […]

Save The Rainforest


Save The Rainforest!


The pulsing heart beat of the rainforest beckons me. My soul is home and most alive when surrounded by its lush vibrant energy. […]

Intend Your Destiny.


Intend Your Destiny.

“Human nature steers us toward self-reliance and freedom. Nothing burns more fiercely in our soul than the desire to be ourselves and pursue […]

Can You Feel the Energy?


Can You Feel the Energy?

Invigorated, humbled, mesmerized, awe inspired, forever changed by this boundless beauty. So untamed. So sacred.


Seek wide open spaces. Sing at the […]



What You Resist Persists.

Change is inevitable. Growth is a conscious choice and also something we are often forced into by the universe. This blooming of […]

Raw Vegan Greek Feast


A Raw Vegan Greek Feast complete with raw vegan sunflower seed and carrot falafels, zucchini paprika hummus, cauliflower parsley tabouli, homemade coconut yogurt tzatziki with […]

Beach Retreat Weekend Getaway


Who Wants a Piece of this Paradise?! Maybe a beach retreat weekend getaway?

Beach Thai massage anyone? It’s been a long work week and you deserve […]

Raw Vegan Chocolate Banana Bites!


Raw Vegan Chocolate Banana Bites with Almond Butter.  Need I say more?!


Cacao frosting = coconut oil + cacao powder + vanilla + maca + macuna […]

Gluten Free Raw Food Pizza Recipe


Raw Food Recipe – Gluten Free Vegan Pizza!


This Gluten Free, Raw, Sprouted Hummus Pesto Pizza is topped with marinated kale and onions. A raw vegan […]

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