Pineapple Salsa


I love good fresh Mexican salsa and thought why not try a Pineapple Salsa?  Truly – good fresh Mexican is a main passion of mine […]

Pineapple Salsa 2016-11-28T00:07:20+00:00

Garlic Bread- 4 Ways


This Garlic Bread is some of the tastiest dehydrated bread that we have ever made!  Everyone at the Epic Self Headquarters gobbled it up in […]

Garlic Bread- 4 Ways 2016-01-22T23:10:23+00:00

Raw Vegan Beet Dip


On a beautiful summers day in Costa Rica, I’m loving this Raw Vegan Beet Dip as an accompaniment to the fresh ocean breeze and mountain […]

Raw Vegan Beet Dip 2016-11-28T00:07:20+00:00

Raw Vegan Basil Bread


We’ve been craving some delicious raw breads after a few days eating raw vegetables and fruits, and this Raw Vegan Basil Bread hit the spot.  The psyllium gives it […]

Raw Vegan Basil Bread 2016-11-28T00:07:20+00:00

Superfood Granola Bars


Who doesn’t love a good granola bar?  They are filling, satisfying and if you make them with the correct ingredients, they are quite healthy.  My […]

Superfood Granola Bars 2016-01-21T18:08:42+00:00

Cocoa Date Granola


Have you ever looked at the ingredient list of a store brand granola and thought, “what the heck?  I thought this was supposed to be […]

Cocoa Date Granola 2016-01-21T18:11:12+00:00

Cocoa Mousse Pie


Growing up, one of my favorite desserts was Chocolate Banana Cream Pie.  Unfortunately, the processed instant pudding mix and dairy filled whipped cream we had been using […]

Cocoa Mousse Pie 2016-11-28T00:07:20+00:00

Avocado “Toast”


Avocado toast seems to be all the rage these days and for good reason… it’s delicious!  But not only does it just taste good, avocado […]

Avocado “Toast” 2016-01-21T17:45:11+00:00
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