5 Tools to Help Find and Live Your Passions

Being asked what you want to do with your life at in your late teens and being excepted to stick with it throughout the following decades seems crazy. Yet, as a society this is what is expected from us, even if our passions change. When we do try to break from it, there is such an inner resistance that we tend to flee instead of fight for what we want.


Finding one’s passions takes time and living ones passions takes hard work. It is hard to sometimes see where your work can take you yet there are tools that can support this journey.


I have changed my career at various points in my 20’s and as I begin to launch my own company which bridges my strengths, passions, and curiosities, there are five tried and true tips that will continue to propel my forward.


1. Experiment!
I loved high school biology because I was always encouraged to run an experiment to find truth. You can start almost anything without knowing what the result is and just run with it. Whether you succeed or get a totally different outcome that what you expected, an experiment is never wasted. You will learn something, have some take away that you can apply to your next experiment.


2. Serve your body
Your body wakes up every day ready to serve you in your journey and you must return that gift to your body. Find whatever movement brings your physical body joy and go do it. Learn about foods that support you and foods that cripple you and make it a point to fuel yourself. This will allow you to become stronger and open new pathways. The love you give your body will spill into every other aspect of your life.


3. Find time to activate your mind
So many people skip this step, deeming it unimportant. Your mind is a living matter and you have to feed it the right things in order for it to perform. Find time to be present with your mind – whether that is writing or meditating and allow the mind to flow. When your mind is turned on, creativity flows, and your visions of how to live your most true life will manifest itself to you.


4. Don’t get caught up
Everyone will have an opinion about your life and those opinions can alter your on perspective what you think you SHOULD be doing rather than what you MUST be doing. At the crossroads of Should and Must, remember to be true to yourself, to put aside your fears and your worries and do you. No one else can validate the life you want to live for yourself. Only you can do that.


5. Trust yourself
You know yourself, trust yourself to know you know yourself. You’re passions live within you and all you have to do is acknowledge them and allow them to work through you.


I use these tools to not only nurture and care for my mind, body, and spirit but to unleash my power and propel myself forward. Sometimes it is a lonely, hard road to go from unfulfilled to living your passionate life, to give your gifts to the world. Only you hold this power. If you tap into your potential, and give yourself love and kindness, you can live your most true version of your life.





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