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Come For The Fellowship, Stay For The Vision Quest


This month-long fellowship has been one of the most transformative experiences of my entire life.

No joke.

Although, it is also kind of funny. Its funny how, in such a short amount of time, you can let go of patterns that have been keeping you stuck for years and alter your whole perspective on what you are doing here.

I came down here to Costa Rica for the Epicself Fellowship with a inner commitment to shift myself out of this holding pattern I'd been in around my business and my relationship to money. What I got was an entire re-orientation of my sense of self-worth, and a newfound trust in myself and process of life unfolding.

The things that used to make me feel hesitant or insecure about moving forward with my business, the really deep stuff like: Who am I to be doing this kind of work? Or who is going to want to pay me $200 for one of my necklaces? Or what if no one can afford to come on my retreat? Those stale worries have entirely lost their power over me in a way I can't fully explain.

They have since been replaced with a sense of my own worthiness and a faith in the Universe to reflect back to me the love that I am putting out into the world through my work. I have discovered a wellspring of motivation in me that will never run dry because it comes from a sense of responsibility. I have a responsibility to not only put 100% into what I came here to do, but to allow it to sustain & nourish me. And who am I not to do that?

How did all this happen in a single month? Well to be fair, arriving here in Manuel Antonio and working with Amber and Daniel was the culmination of a journey already well underway to level up in my life, my biz, my soul's purpose.

Leveling up, of course, has to do with doing all the practical things required. So that means building a website, having a marketing plan, etc. And that is what I thought I was coming down here to do. To learn how to do those things that don't come naturally to be from the experts. That, and to detox my body with raw vegan food and get my butt back in shape with yoga and pilates every morning. Upon reflection, like with most experiences in life, what I actually came here for was far beyond what I had been able to foresee.

The real meaning of this experience was deeply spiritual. It was nothing short of redefining my entire relationship to myself and to my work. I thought I was here to find clarity around my logo but I really came to find clarity about my destiny. I thought I was here to crystallize my business offerings, but I came here to crystallize my soul's purpose. This fellowship was essentially a vision quest that included web design and sale's training.

To get there, I had to face one of my greatest fears, the fear that I am not enough, don't know enough, can't do enough, blah blah blah. The plant medicine ceremony I participated in here opened my eyes to the ways in which I have been sabotaging myself again and again with these misleading beliefs. I was brought to tears and humbled to the point of prostrating my ego before Mama Ayahuasca. She then gave me the loving embrace I needed to trek back up from that place of surrender & submission to the summit of my divinity and power. Making the ascent to meet my highest Self was the journey that helped me to truly see my enough-ness. I am so much more than enough.

I have so much gratitude to Amber and Daniel, to the best fellowship fellow ever, Kait, to my family, my Beloved, & everyone who supported me on this journey. To Ayahuasca, the master teacher and to the wonderful beings who held that sacred space for me. To the Earth and her infinite blessings and finally to myself, for showing up to do the work.


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Mindful Movement


When someone says Mindful Movement, what comes to mind?

In my mind, I always imagine someone moving really slowly. It's a little silly picturing it that way but it makes a clear point, and that is that an overabundance of movement or movement done very quickly is generally superfluous, not mindful. During my stay here in Costa Rica for the Epicself Fellowship, I have learned so much about mindful movement from Amber and her style of teaching pilates and yoga. Since I have been down here, I have made huge strides in my physical abilities and energetic posture simply from exercising mindfully.

Mindful movement refers to movement focusing your attention on your body while observing the subtleties of what you are feeling. It can be applied to any form of movement, any type of exercise, as long as it is performed with awareness.

Ok so let's break down this word, awareness. What does being aware of your body and really mean?

In my experience, one of the most powerful techniques for cultivating awareness is paying attention to your breathing. Whether you are running an errand, an a Zumba class, or just sitting in front of your computer, notice your breath. Are you breathing deeply or is it shallow? Are your breaths rapid or slow? Does your chest or belly expand when you inhale? Are your sinuses so stuffed you can hardly breath through your nose? Becoming aware of how you are breathing in any given moment is the beginning of cultivating the awareness necessary for mindful movement.

So mindful movement is firstly any movement done with attention to the breath, and secondly how the harmonizations of movement with breathe affect both the body AND the mind.

This conscious coordination of body and breath was THE thing about yoga that changed my life. I became a pranayama addict! Pranayama is the Sanskrit word for the practice of harnessing life-force, or prana, through implementing breathing techniques.

What I love most about pranayama is the way in which it not only affects your body, by slowing down your heart rate and activating your parasympathetic nervous system, but it also has such a profound affect on your state of mind! By bringing that awareness of the breath into your movement practice, you will not only deepen your understanding of your body but also your mind.

There are so many scientific reasons why breath awareness and mindful movement are so beneficial both in exercise, and in life in general but I want to focus on some practical uses of mindful movement using the breath.Mindful movement practices such as yoga, pilates, and qigong focus heavily breathwork, implementing a plethora of techniques that boost energy, increase flexibility & strength, even help release trauma. Sure, breathing sounds simple enough but to really understand how profound of a effect it can have, we really need to experience it directly to get why it can be such a powerful tool for healing.

Boost you Energy - Through gentle back-bending yoga postures, like Extended Mountain pose, Bridge, or Upward-Facing Dog, we are opening up the chest and thus are able to take full deep breaths, thereby increasing our energy. We can also increase the speed of our breathing, using a practice like breath of fire in a pose to energize the body and increase mental alertness..

Increase your Flexibility - Do you hold your breath when you stretch? Taking deep breath while stretching can be a powerful tool for increasing the intensity of posture and thereby increasing your flexibility. When breathing in, try to hold the pose while directing the air in through your lungs and down to the part of the body that is most feeling the stretch. As you exhale, allow your muscles to soften and release further into the stretch.

Increase your Strength - If your hardcore about physical fitness, you probably already know how crucial breathing is to building strength. Martial artists have known this forever, making sounds like "Kiai!" to leverage their breath for strength.  By turning up the volume on your breathe, you are able to exert greater force in your movements.

 Release Physical & Emotional Trauma - Breathwork with or without movement has an enormous capacity to help us release & heal emotional wounds that can be hard to access otherwise. Often these trauma's are lodged somewhere in the body and by actively and consciously directing our breath, we can access emotional blocks to clear them.

My experience here in Costa Rica practicing mindful movement every morning has transformed my body and mind. I have seen how working with my movement and breath has re-energized me when I was feeling exhausted. I have seen both my strength and flexibility increase dramatically and I have let things go, emotionally, that were no longer serving me. observing your body and cultivating breath awareness are some of the most simple yet powerful, and terribly under-utilized tools for transformation.

What do you have to lose?



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Curried Raw Kofta Balls in Tomato & Vegan Cheese Sauce


I love Indian food.

I mean I really love Indian food! Back in collage there was this amazing vegetarian India buffet near campus where I was eating lunch at least once a week. It is interesting to note that my earthy friends were typically so down for Indian buffet, but several of my "non-hippy" friends just couldn't stand the smell of Indian food. If the smell bothers you, it means you probably aren't use to the scent of curry, which is an amazing Indian spice blend that tends to have a lingering odor. The blend usually consists of hot pepper, cumin, coriander, & turmeric with endless varieties throughout the Asian continent. Not only is it deliciously flavorful, it is an incredibly healing spice as you can well imagine.

Some of the numerous benefits of sprinkling curry powder into your food includes stimulating the immune system, improving bone health, reducing risk of bacterial infections, improving digestion, relieving inflammation, reducing cognitive decline with age, and reducing the risk of cancer and heart disease. That is no joke! So worth getting over your aversion to the smell and incorporate some curry powder into your diet.

Since going raw, I have been hankering for a good and spicy Indian dish that I could make raw and would keep that authentic texture and taste.

This is it.

Kofta balls, if you've never heard of them before, are traditionally prepared as a meat dish that is ground up, mixed with spices, and rolled into balls and then served with a spicy curry sauce on top. This raw vegan version has the same warming qualities, ideal texture, and savory taste without all that meat.

Here ya go:


For Kofta Balls

3 cups sunflower seeds, soaked and sprouted

1 cup almonds, soaked

handful fresh parsley

handful fresh cilantro

2 teaspoons curry powder

1 teaspoon cumin

1/2 teaspoon cayenne

1 zucchini

4 cloves of garlic

1/2teaspoon Celtic sea salt

1/2 teaspoon coriander

1 inch piece of fresh ginger root

pinch cinnamon

1 teaspoon raw honey


For the sauce:

3 tomatos

1/2 zucchini

1/4 cup tahini

1/4 cup vegan cheese (sunflower seed cheese)

1 teaspoon curry powder

1/4 teaspoon cayenne

3 cloves of garlic

1/2 teaspoon paprika

handful of fresh cilantro

1/2 teaspoon Celtic sea salt

2 tablespoons raw honey

juice from 1/2 a lime



Put Kofta Ball ingrediants into a food processor until thoroughly processed.

Then, laying out your dehydrator trays, form the mush into medium size balls and place onto dehydrator sheets for 6 hours. 3 hours in, come back and flip the balls over to ensure a consistent texture throughout.

When the balls are almost ready, mix all the curry sauce ingrediants into a high-speed blender and blend up until creamy and smooth.

Lastly, pour sauce over the warmed up Kofta Balls and enjoy! This typically serves 5

And there you have it! Classic Indian dish made raw, vegan, and yummy just like that!

For my balls, I decided to spiralize some zucchini and make a pasta and serve the Kofta Balls on top. I also drenched mine in that sauce because it is just so good! Finally, I garnished mine with a sprig of fresh cilantro.

Note about the vegan cheese. You can use a store-bought vegan cheese but making your own is ideal. You can find the awesome recipe for home-made vegan cheese that my girl Kait made and that I used in this recipe here.

If you have been missing your favorite Indian dishes since going raw vegan, fret not. There is hope!  Who would have thought you could make a raw vegan version of a predominately meat based recipe that takes just as good, if not better than the original? Just play around and get creative with your substitutions!

Share with us your favorite raw vegan Indian dishes below. I'm dying to know what you come up with!

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5 Warrior Hacks to Fire Up That Solar Plexus Chakra


When I was in high school, I used to have a huge issue with self-confidence. Sound familiar?

My self-talk was so Mean Girl. Even for being a natural extrovert, when self-doubt would creep up I would suddenly find myself slinking into a corner, wishing I could just disappear. I thought confidence something you were born with, something that the popular girls had.

Good thing high school is long over because guess what? That couldn't be farther from the truth.

What do self-confidence, willpower, and discipline have in common? They are expressions of a well developed solar plexus chakra. Like a muscle, it is not just naturally super strong and well-defined at birth. Nope, it takes actively developing it through daily practice, lifestyle choices, and mental attitude to get ripped.

I have certainly come a long way since my high school days! Here are my top five warrior hacks to fire up your solar plexus chakra to develop self-discipline, exercise willpower, and feel more confident.

1.Strengthening your Core

Confidence and core strength go hand in hand.

Why is that? Well it is really about strengthening the muscle of your commitment to a daily practice just as much as it is about the actually core strength itself. Every time you choose to work-out, regardless of your excuses or objections, you are strengthening your discipline muscle, giving your determination definition. And every time you feel that burning in your abs after doing crunches or holding plank pose, you are building the courage to be able to conquer even greater challenges. Every time your minds say's "Nope, not today," and you choose to get on your yoga mat or hit the gym anyway, you are building the discipline muscle required to not just change your body, but to change the whole world.

2.Breath of Fire

This is a yogic practice of rapid diaphragmatic breathing where we breath only through the nose, emphasizing the exhalation by sucking in the tummy and blowing out the nose, and then relaxing to allow for a passive inhalation. This is repeated for about three cycles of 30 breaths to start. Breath of Fire is usually done rather quickly and is meant to build up fire in the abdomen.

Physically this is a workout for your core but energetically, practicing the Breath of Fire is really stimulating the solar plexus. It helps to raise your energy, increase you endurance, tune-up your nervous system, and clear out unwanted toxins. Doing this pranayama, or breathing practice, regularly will support your willpower and mental fortitude.

3.Life as Ceremony

This hack came from my recent plant medicine journey with Ayahuasca where I was told that to truly strengthen my solar plexus, I needed to shift my attitude about discipline and confidence. Instead of seeing working out or meditating daily as chore that needed to be checked off my list for me to be happy and healthy, I should approach it as a ceremony or sacramental ritual. That is how I would find the endurance that I needed to keep it up. Stepping onto your mat or preparing your daily green smoothie, or whatever other practice your are trying to commit to maintaining as part of a healthier lifestyle, if done with the reverence and presence of a sacred ceremony, will bless you will miraculous returns in terms of personal authority and poise.

This tactic applies to confidence as well. So instead of feeling nervous about having to give a lecture, or perform for a crowd, or something else that makes you feel nervous and sick to your stomach, flip it around. See that what you are really doing is sharing a sacred offering with the world. Seen as a gift, there is no place for judgement to creep in, nor perfection.

4.Doing Begets Confidence

"Confidence is a habit that can be developed by acting as if you already had the confidence you desire to have." Brian Tracy 

That is to say, fake it till you make it. But you're not really faking it at all! You are stepping into a place of action even though you don't have it all figured out yet, and trusting in your ability to learn what you need to know as you go. This tenacious attitude is what builds mastery. It requires facing fear of failure head on, and each time you do you add to the record of successful experiences behind you, strengthening your sense of personal power and firing up that solar chakra.

5.Step into a Leadership Role

This is really is an extension of the last hack. Find opportunities to level up in your life and take them. Think of an area in your life where you could increase your leadership. It could be work, it could be authoritatively writing about or speak on a subject you have been studying for ages, it could be taking the lead on a volunteer project. If it is something you've never done before, that is even better. To step into your power, you have to actually step up. Moving up the totem pole we go from timid follower to competent leader, radiating confidence and paving the way for others to follow.

These five hacks are not the only ones but are some reliable techniques to give your solar plexus chakra a hardcore workout and build that assuredness and inner authority to take your life to the next level. Use these hacks to conquer your fear, hesitation, and doubt and become the empowered, determined, and confident person you were meant to be.

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Salt & Vinegar Kale Chips


I've never really been a chip person. Some people are always scooping up a bag of chips at the grocery store. Maybe they are the worst hydrogenated oil chips out there or maybe some fancy Whole Foods brand of 'healthier' chip alternatives, but that was never me. In truth, my sweet tooth will win out over salty anything on most days. I say most days though because there is a certain time of month when I can get a terrible hankering for salt and back in the day I would go straight for salt and vinegar chips.

Don't care about nacho, not interested in sour cream and onion. Nope, just give me that salty tartness and no one will get hurt,

It was only during that time of the month when those mad cravings for salt would hit me and usually, if I gave in and reached for a greasy bag of S&V chips, I would end up feeling way more bloated than before and probably even find myself with a massive headache. Craving salt around your menstrual cycle is not unusual but giving in to the cravings with ionized table salt is NOT the ideal solution.

So for years I flip-flopped. I would either resist these cravings by sheer force of willpower, or give in, devour a bag of salty tatter chips, and feel gross.

Then along came kale chips.

The introduction of the dehydrated kale chip was a game changer. At this initial point, there were only a few flavors on the market such as cheesy (made with nutritional yeast) or spicy. But my first thought was, where's the salt and vinegar flavor? Now this was way before i had a dehydrator, so I was working with your run of the mill oven, (which by the way works just fine) but I certainly wasn't going to wait for those salty vinegary kale chips to show up for sale at my local healthfood store. Nope, I was determined to make my own.

Yes, it is salty. And yes, you don't want a lot of refined salt in your diet but also, yes, we have a serious mineral deficiency and people need minerals and particularly high quality sodium in their diet. Just not a ton.

My answer? Himalayan pink salt or celtic sea salt (heck even Hawaiian lava salt if you can swing it). Why not? Good sources of sodium like those are great for the adrenals and give your body the minerals it needs. Just be sure to drink enough water to help those minerals move their way through the body.

And then there's vinegar. Not that gluten-y malt vinegar, no way Jose! We're working with only the best organic apple cider vinegar with the mother in there.

OMG, my mouth is watering already. Anyway, here's the recipe

Salt and Vinegar Kale Chips


2 large bunches of organic kale

2 TBSP extra virgin olive oil
6 TBSP apple cider vinegar
1 tsp sea salt/pink salt/or other nutritious real salt

  1. Wash kale and remove stems, tearing into bite sized pieces. Then place kale in a large size bowl.
  2. In a small bowl mix the oil, vinegar, and salt. Drizzle mixture over the kale.
  3. Massage the dressing into the kale till well coated and the kale begins to wilt a little.
  4. Spread kale on a few dehydrator trays and dehydrate at 115 degrees for 4-6 hours or until the chips are super crispy. If you don't have a dehydrator, spread kale out on to a parchment-lined baking sheet. Then turn the oven down to the lowest temperature possible and bake for approximately 15-20 minutes, with the oven door slightly ajar. Check to see if the chips are crunchy. If not continue to check every 5 minutes until you get a crunchy texture.

Last step is to hide the chips from yourself if you don't want to devour them all in a single sitting.

Ready, Set, Go!

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The Faces of ONEness


This past week has been one of the single most transformative weeks of my life, as the culmination of a long journey and simultaneously an awakening to the conscious unfolding of my destiny.

Before I start to get too heady, let me back up for a sec and give you some context.

I am down here for the Epic Fellowship where I have been mentoring with Amber and Daniel, working tirelessly on my personal growth and professional development. It has been one breakthrough after another. Every moment of everyday here has been filled to the brim with self-improvement, releasing old patterns that no longer serve, creating new wellness habits, and re-aligning with my center, spine and all. Either I am working on my fitness, nourishing my body with organic healing foods, feeding my soul with time out in Nature, or I am working on my business. Even that hard work feels like play because the business I am building encompasses all my passions, celebrates my life's purpose, and cultivates in me a tenacious sense of personal power. So that's what I have been up to since the beginning of November.

Now add to that a Kambo frog medicine ceremony and two ayahuasca journeys with an amazing group of human beings....

GTFO right?

No, this is my life.

Now, I had been waiting to sit with Mama Aya for maybe six or seven years now. I had been invited on several occasions to join friends in ceremony but I knew somewhere in my gut that the time wasn't quite right yet. Now I know that this experience here in Costa Rica was what I had been waiting for. The plant spirit calls you when she is ready for you, and that is only when she knows you are ready to receive her message.

Cleared of the toxic residue of my former life with my ex-husband. Free of toxins in my body. Free of other people's doubts and limitations. I was finally ready to step up in life a way I never had before. I was finally ready to meet her.

I went into my two ceremonies with a clear intention. I was coming to the medicine for clarity around my purpose here on Earth. Tall order! I meditated around this intention for the days leading up to the ceremony, I called on my spirit guides to be with me, I picked oracle cards to offer me wisdom and guidance on my journey. What I am saying is that I did all the things.

Doing all the things matters. Being mindful and intentional sets the space for the type of experiences you are going to have in plant medicine journeys, as in life in general. Equally important is honoring the sacredness of the ceremony,  embracing its structure, committing to the dieta leading up to the ceremony; fully participating in its living essence is quintessential.

I'm not going to even begin to go into the details of my experiences with the medicine. It will take a book, one I may write someday. For now it has taken up all the remaining blank pages of my notebook. What I will do is share with you my most significant revelation and what I took away from this epic experience.

I have a spiritual responsibility here on Earth, as someone who has received this message, to share it through all that I do, with my brothers and sisters. The message is simple, it is not unique, it is rather cliche in-fact, but it is critical nonetheless.

We are ONE.

That's it.

But of course there are implications that necessarily follow such a general statement.

When I say we are ONE, what I mean is that you reading this, and myself writing this, and everyone else here on planet Earth with us are not individual entities unrelated by anything other than homo sapien genetics. No, I literally mean we, the idiosyncrasies of our individual personalities, the apparent singularity of our physical bodies are, on a deeper level of reality, illusory. On the basement floor of the Universe, at the foundation of all reality, there is just ONE of us here.

The medicina allowed me to directly explore that ONEness though the experience of shapeshifting into different people and through doing so, allowed me to reconcile the "challenging" relationships with all the perceived "Others" in my life; my ex-husband, a old lover/friend who left my life, my stepmother, etc. They are all the faces of ONEness! Overnight, those relationships where healed through a quantum paradigm shift in perspective, all for the purpose of allowing me to move forward to the greater work that needs doing.

This medicine has transformed me, irreversibly, mind, body and spirit. Mentally, I gained the clarity I had sought. It is simple, I am here to lead others back to the ONEness. Physically, my body underwent a healing that I can't fully comprehend but felt as the medicine worked its way through my organs, my ligaments, even my chakras. It spread its way through the places where I was holding trauma in my body and cleared it out. Spiritually, I feel a sense of profound freedom and peace that is unlike any other. I feel re-aligned with Spirit. Like a clear channel, I feel open to receive divine inspiration and humbly serve.

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Raw Cream of Shiitake Mushroom Soup


I love soup, always have. Especially the super thick, really rich, and creamy soups. Soups like creamy tomato basil or cream of mushroom were my favorite growing up. Unfortunately, most of those are full of heavy cream. Not so good. So, I have been on the hunt to try to discover ways to replicate some my favorite creamy soups while keeping it raw and vegan. Sounds challenging but I promise its not.

That is where the beauty of nut milks comes in. Nut milks are a nutritiously healthy alternative to the milk or cream you would find in a restaurant version of these soups. Ideally, making your own fresh nut milk is the best. It just tastes so much better than store bought plus, its devoid of all those unnecessary and potentially harmful added ingredients. For this recipe I had some freshly made walnut milk, which is nice and think and has this pretty soft pink color to it. You could use almond, brazil or any other nut or seed milk as you seed fit. It's always fun to play around and try different things.

But what if I want this creamy soup warm? No problemo! Thanks to the vita-mix, when I am in the mood for a hearty soul-comforting soup, I can run that baby just long enough to warm it up and still keep it raw. The blender won't cook your soup, but running it on high for a few minutes will create enough friction to give you that heart-warming flavor. Mmmmm.

For this soup recipe we've used Shiitake, but you could use any mushroom you like or a blend of different mushrooms. All mushrooms are medicinal superfoods! When it comes to mushroom flavor though, shiitake is my jam. As a superfood mushroom, it has been shown to fight obesity, strengthen the immune system, support cardiovascular health, & boost energy and brain function. It is also full of your necessary B vitamins, minerals, and even vitamin D. It also tastes super yummy, especially in a creamy mushroom soup. Now, if you wanted to make it even more medicinal, you could substitute some of that nut milk for a cup of chaga or reishi tea. Bam! Wouldn't that be a perfectly creamy concoction on a cold wet day to keep that immune system rocking?

Check out our simple version of this classic:

Raw Cream of Shiitake Soup


  • 1 cup shiitake mushrooms, ideally fresh or if dried, soaked
  • 2 cups nut milk of your choice (I used freshly-made walnut milk but almond is great too!)
  • 1/4 cup parsley, chopped
  • dash or two of sea salt


Put the mushrooms and nut milk and dash of salt in the blender and blend on high for 4-5 minutes so it is nice and warm. Sprinkle the chopped parsley on top and voila! This makes 2 servings of super filling creamy mushy goodness.

That's it! It literally took me 5 mins and was way easier to make than the original stove-top version you grew up with. Feel free to try with other mushrooms or a different nut milk and see what taste best to you or add in some spices to ramp up the flavor. If you love mushrooms and hearty soups like I do, I am sure you will love the natural creaminess of this vegan and raw alternative. It makes a perfect meal for a chilly or rainy day when having another green smoothie or salad seems too light. Also thick enough to make into a good gravy for a raw mash or another hearty recipe.

How did it turn out? Let us know what you think!

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Epic Self Fellowship: Finding My Why


The first week of my Epic Self fellowship went down like this....

When I showed up in Manuel Antonio after traveling for almost an entire day, changing planes 3 times, and riding in on a 3 hour shuttle from San Jose, I WAS SPENT. I had just come off from a month-long trip to Greece where I had led a successful  Goddess retreat and travelled the countryside visiting family, all of which was deeply satisfying but also very taxing; physically mentally, and emotionally. When I returned to the states I only had 4 days of jet-lag recovery time before I was off again, saying goodbye to my Beloved, and heading down here to Costa Rica for this fellowship with Epic Self.

I had been so busy from running around all over the globe that I hadn't even thought about this fellowship, really since May when I had been accepted into the program. I was so stoked when I was offered to opportunity because I knew I was meant to be here. So after it was a done deal, I didn't really think much more about it until I was riding the shuttle-bus through the jungle and wondering what experiences awaited me here. Sometime I think it works out better that way; when you are focused only on the next step directly in front of you there is no worrying about future unknowns and more time spent living in the present.

That first night, exhausted and hungry, the crew took us out to dinner. Amber and Daniel's energy was so warm and engaging that it immediately shifted my own. Kait, my fellow fellowshipper was just as cool and as kind as could be. Before the meal was through, I went from worn out and haggard, to and attitude of gratitude, remembering just how blessed I was to be here. Like magic, my exhaustion dissipated. In its place prevailed a buzzing excitement and a deep awareness that this journey was divinely orchestrated (But then, what isn't?), for my highest growth and evolution.

So here I am, a little over a week in and experiencing growing pains one jam-packed day at a time. My raw vegan detox is feeling amazing! I can't even remember why I wanted to eat any sugary crap in the first place. I don't have a scale, but I'm pretty certain I've dropped at least 5 lbs. of toxic waste in the last week, maybe more. My body is feeling stronger and more vital than it has in a while thanks to Amber's morning yoga/pilates fusion class. After almost a decade of yoga, I am learning things I never knew about proper alignment. I've begun the journey of retraining my body to move in ways that build strength and do not risk injury. Sounds like I've just been kicking butt and taking names. I totally have. But I have been kicking my own but and it's been super intense inner work as well.

My biggest challenge in this last week eventually turned out to be my biggest revelation. Of course, I only realized it after it had knocked me flat on my emotional booty. It all had to do with why I do what I do. Why do I care about the work of women's empowerment and what makes me think I'm qualified for the role? I could list off a million reason right now about the patriarchy, and sisterhood, and the divine feminine rising; about how I've studied feminist psychology, and lead moon circles, etc. but none of those would really be my why.

In my first coaching session with Daniel, he asked me what I felt a responsibility towards in the world. "Ok, not so hard," I thought. I feel like it is my responsibility to help women see themselves as the Goddesses that they truly are. Yeah, that's my thing. So what?

I'll tell you what. At that point the Universe conspired to remind me of why that mission is so important to me in the first place. A few days into the fellowship, while looking through photos for my website, I came across some old pictures of me and my ex-husband. I looked so unhappy, so unlike myself today, and I was reminded of how hopeless I felt back then. At the end of last year, I left my 5 year marriage and almost decade long relationship to a very controlling and emotionally abusive man. Looking at the pictures, I remembered how I felt back then, thinking that this was the best love that life had to offer me. That I wouldn't find anyone who would treat me ancy better.

But I did. Turns out that I could love myself better, much better in fact. Back then, I could never have imagined I would be where I am now, doing all the things that make my heart sing. I never in a  trillion years would have predicted meeting my soulmate (I didn't even believe in soulmates), and being so in love with someone who treats me like a Goddess everyday.

Then I knew my why. I thought about all the women, women who I know and those I don't, feeling just like I felt, resigned to relationships where they are not shown the love and respect they deserve. Resigned to jobs that are unsatisfying and soul-sucking, unaware of the true gifts they have to offer. I thought again about Daniel's question and saw that this is my responsibility. Because I had gone down this rocky road, I get the responsibility and the privilege to hold my sisters' hands in mine and reflect back to them just how worthy and deserving they truly are.

You are divine beauty inside and out. You are here because the world needs your gifts and to bring forth your gifts you need to be tapped into your joy. And to find your joy you need to love yourself, to see your true worth. You need to awaken to your own Goddess-hood and proclaim that you deserve the best that life has to offer, the highest love, the freest life.

This was my biggest revelation so far during this experience, and I am so grateful for the clarity of purpose this has brought me. Looking forward to the rest of the fellowship and what else I might discover along the way!


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Raw Superfood Tabouli



Tabbouli used to be my go-to vegan Middle Eastern dish, aside from Hummus of course. That was until I went gluten-free. Since then I've been passing up on this tasty dish traditionally made with bulgar wheat.

Until NOW! Thanks to our happy little hippie seed, Mr. Hemp

Hemp seeds are a stellar superfood. A great source of fiber, hemp also touts an excellent 3:1 ratio of omega-3s to omega-6s! It is also packed with some serious nutrition including a host of minerals, vitamins, plus all the essential amino acids, making it a complete source of protein. Hemp seeds are great for heart healthy, good for digestion, skin conditions, and for balancing hormones. They also add just the perfect crunchy texture to this super easy to make tabouli recipe.

Superfood Tabouli (raw, vegan, gluten-free)


  • 1 cup cucumbers, diced
  • 2 cups tomatos, diced
  • 3/4 cup parsley, minced
  • 1 tbsp fresh mint, minced
  • 2  teaspoons fresh garlic, minced
  • 1/2 cup hemp seeds
  • 1/3 cup extra virgin olive oil
  • 1/3 cup lime juice
  • 2 tbsp Celtic sea salt


Mix all the ingredients together in a large bowl and serve

Servings: 2-4

This super fresh salad not only is tasty, but takes almost no-time to prepare. So next time you are in the mood for some Middle Eastern cuisine, don't forget to whip up some tabouli to go with that hummus.

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Goddess Alchemy 101


So I'm a Goddess. Now What?

Enter Goddess Alchemy.

Goddess alchemy is based on the understanding that there are patterns in the human psyche, powerful forces within us that transcend time and culture, known as archetypes. The Goddess archetypes are complex female character types that we intuitively recognize in ourselves, the women in our lives, and in our culture. Essentially this means that the Goddesses of the past, think Aphrodite, Kuan Yin, Saraswati are psychological forces, alive and well in the collective unconscious of humanity and present in each of us.

The Goddess archetypes most commonly talked about are the Greco-Roman ones, because they are most familiar to the Western world. As a Greek American, they are also the ones I feel most connected to, hearing these myths all my life. However, each polytheistic culture had their own version of the same basic archetypes, they each had a Goddess of Love and a Mother Goddess figure, with different names yet often very similar myths. Take the myth of visiting the Underworld, a journey down into the soul. There is the Sumerian myth of Inanna, who descends into the Underworld and there is Persephone, who gets abducted by Hades down there. These different myths constellate around a similar archetype that connect them, even though they are from different cultures. The journey to the Underworld is a myth that we relate to during those times when we are taken to our darkest places, when we are stripped bare of our egos, during  times of depression and loss. We've all been there.

How can this knowledge benefit you?

There are seven main Goddess types (with their Greek and then Roman names):

Artemis (Diana), Athena (Minerva), Hestia (Vesta), Hera Juno),

Demeter (Ceres), Persephone (Proserpina), and Aphrodite (Venus)

Knowing about these main archetypes will help you to better understand yourself and your behavior, and all the women in your life. For example, take Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love and Beauty. Think about a women you might know who embodies her. Maybe its you. Maybe your someone who loves beautiful things and feeling beautiful. Of course we all do, every Goddesses is potentially present in all of us (Some are just more developed than others), but an Aphrodite women will simply exude it. She might take extra care with her appearance, maybe by working out or maybe with her hair and make-up. Either way, she has a very feminine sensuality about her, a je ne sais quoi.

Most of us have 2 or 3 Goddesses that we embody most prominently  however as we go through the different phases of our lives, they can change. Getting pregnant, you might discover a nurturing Mother Goddess like Demeter, that you didn't even know was in you. Maybe you're a women who isn't particularly erotic but one day you meet the man of your dreams and lucky you, turns our he's in to you too! And now, all of a sudden, you're more in touch with your fun and sensual side then ever before. You've awoken to this new erotic energy and now your so in love that everything is beginning to look beautiful to you, and you are looking more beautiful than ever. Aphrodite just came online in your psyche and isn't she radiant!

So how else can Goddess Alchemy help you?

By knowing what Goddess archetypes you most strongly embody, you'll recognize your personal strengths and weaknesses, because each of the goddesses had their strong suits, the things they ruled over, and those they were not so good at. You can see it in their myths. For instance Hera, Zeus's wife, was constantly dealing with his infidelity and stayed by his side, however she was also notoriously not so good at dealing with her jealousy and mercilessly took it out on the other woman. Does this story sound familiar? We have all seen in on TV and maybe know someone like her. Learning about which Goddesses you do or don't relate to will help you see where your best areas for growth are.

There are three main category of Goddesses; virginal, vulnerable, and alchemical. Virginal doesn't mean literally a virgin. Virginal goddess women are self-sufficient, don't necessary need a man because they are sharply focus on their own goals, unlike the vulnerable goddesses who are so much more relational, seeking relationships and are thus more vulnerable to being hurt by men.What has being so strongly an independent, fitness-oriented, feminist Artemis woman cost you in terms of experiencing deep intimacy with men? What has the woman who has gone from bad relationship to bad relationship not learned about being single and empowered? Alchemical is the last category of goddesses and Aphrodite is the only alchemical Goddess as she is neither virginal nor nulnerable. Rather she symbolizes the creative and transformational power of love itself.

You might also what to know which Goddesses you don't relate to at all. That will better help you see the least developed parts of your psyche or your shadow side. It may also help you better understand the women you know who embody those archetypes and make sense of the dynamics of your relationships. Having an Athena type of mother is a very different experience than being raised by a Demeter mother. The Demeter mom has always wanted children, and will love being pregnant. An Athena woman may not want to start a family but is she does, she will still have her career and is looking forward to when the kids old enough to go to school. So depending on what Goddesses you most relate you, you will have a very different relationship to these two different moms. Make sense?

Think about what Goddesses you most resonate with and why? Share your thoughts with us!

~Sabrina Ourania

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