Beyond Comfort and Complacency

I hate to break to you, but you’re lazy. Before you get offended, let me just say: I’m lazy too. Now, you and I may be lazy, but that doesn’t mean that we succumb to its spell. Laziness is natural, but it won’t get us anywhere in life. Living a conscious lifestyle requires the daily decision to push oneself beyond comfort and complacency. Embodying the transformation and growth we seek is a rewarding journey in and of itself. There are many tools and techniques that can help us bridge the gap between vision and manifestation, however they all require one thing: your willingness to commit to the process.

Think you’re up to the challenge? First, let me ask you:

Have you subscribed to commitment?

Commitment does not have an auto-renewal subscription. It is a daily choice to recognize that the voice inside our head (that *ahem* we all have) is one that we don’t have to listen to. You know, the voice that tries to keep from consistently trying in the first place? It is not always the easy, exciting choice to make, yet the fruits borne of commitment come in the flavors of discipline, self-love, and unshakable confidence. As your tastebuds begin tingling from the flavors of that rainbow, you will soon find yourself within reach of the pot of gold.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way

Will Power and Self Confidence are two key attributes of success that are inseparable. They are a double yolk within the same eggshell. In order to build self-confidence, we must simply begin doing what we think will give us the confidence we seek. When we are confident in our lives, we have the will power to continue working when the going gets tough because we have begun to  the results of our efforts. When our will power is strong, we feel confident that we can accomplish anything we put our minds to, because as the saying goes, where there’s a will, there’s a way. Obstacles are inherently a part of a every success, and seeing your life as endless opportunity to rise above and transform through the face of challenge will skyrocket your willpower and confidence.

So just do it already!

Nike’s trademark phrase ‘Just Do It’  just about sums how. Begin by just doing whatever it is…from exactly where you are. Sure, you may have high expectations and your goals may seem a million miles away, but don’t let that stop you. We all started somewhere, and at first, we all sucked at it! Begin by breaking down your goals into bite-sized morsels. Think: 6 month plan, monthly goals, weekly goals, daily tasks. Once you begin breaking down your big goals into more manageable tasks, you’ll feel less overwhelmed and more confident that you can achieve them.

Strengthen your mind-body connection

Those that make decisions and live from a place of clarity and certainty have one thing in common — they move from the core of their being, both literally and energetically. When you activate and strengthen your core muscles, you are capable of supporting your spine, back, ligaments, and joints more efficiently. There is such a strong mind-body connection, and when you consistently push yourself in a daily movement awareness practice, the results will show not only in the waistline. Your mind will become clear and ready to meet life with compassion and focus.

Stick to it every single day, whether that means 5 minutes of laying on your yoga mat connecting with your breath, or breaking a sweat during a high intensity training. Whichever way you choose to move, always bring yourself back to your breath and the chatter in your mind. Choose an affirmation or mantra to keep you going when you feel like giving up. My go-to mantra? I can do this. I am capable. My mind is focused, my body is strong.

Follow the 5 Minute Rule

We’ve all heard of the 5 second rule, but not too many have heard of the 5 minute rule. If you decide to implement just one of these techniques, the 5 minute rule will give you the biggest bang for your buck. It’s straightforward and simple in theory, but if your mind

Case in point? Think of the last time you thought, “I’m just going to spend 5 minutes on Facebook.” Now think about how much time you actually spent on Facebook. I think we can all agree it almost always turns into much longer. Once you put a few minutes of energy and focus into an activity, project, or practice, it becomes much easier to keep the momentum going.

Your energy can be used to focus or to flounder; to spring forward or stay stuck and stagnant. You always have the power to refocus your mental energy. So give it a try — for at least 5 minutes.

Connect with your Why

If there is no basis, no passionate motive, or reasoning behind the habits you wish to transform and the goals you aspire to accomplishing, then you could be trying in vain. The true momentum comes from connecting with your why. It could be simple or elaborate: I want to lose weight because I want to be a able to have the energy to play with my grandchildren. I want to work as an interior designer because I want to feel valued for expressing my artistic esthetic in the workplace. I want to stop drinking coffee because I hate having coffee breath. Remember, these are examples. No one really stops drinking coffee, let’s be honest.

The point is, connecting with your why on a daily basis proves to be a positive reminder and serves as motivation to inspire your efforts.

Celebrate Yourself

Do you realize how awesome you are? By keeping track of your goals and working toward them one task at a time, you’ll soon find yourself accomplishing dreams that you once thought too overwhelming to deal with. You’ve come a long way in your life to be able to consistently and consciously working toward your goals. Remind yourself of the good work you’re doing by reflecting on how much you’ve accomplished to get where you are now. Celebrate yourself by renewing your vows to live a fully engaging life that inspires you.

Remember the wise words of Nelson Mandela as you transform your life and manifest you greatest visions:

“There is no passion to be found in playing small, in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.”


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