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How Pilates Has Enhanced My Yoga Practice

Integrating pilates into my yoga practice over the last month at EpicSelf has been the most effective method of pain relief I’ve ever experienced. In this post I talk about how pilates has enhanced my [...]

10 Lessons Learned from my 15 Year Long Yoga Practice

  Practice every day, whether that means a physical asana practice or mental practice of sitting in meditation. Usually those times when you really don’t feel like doing yoga is when you need it the [...]

10 Ways to Stay Fit this Summer

Summer is finally here! That mean's the pressure is on to stay fit. It's the time of  the year where BBQ's, pool parties,  and loved ones and lots of food are in full swing. It's also [...]


Divine Raw Vegan Taco Menu

Today was so much fun! I got to recreate an authentic classic taco; one of my favorite cooked foods. Is it one of yours too? Last night I made the raw tortillas and put them [...]

Scrumptious Raw Vegan Bagel with Sunflower Cream Cheese

We did it again! We healthafied one of your favorite home time classics, bagels and cream cheese. Gluten-free, dairy-free, and raw vegan never tasted so good! Our Scrumptious Raw Vegan Bagel with Sunflower Cream Cheese will have your [...]

Banana Coconut Pancakes With Cinnamon Cacao Icing

Banana Coconut Pancakes With Cinnamon Cacao Icing Pancakes and chocolate; what is there not to love?! And you don't have to feel guilty indulging in these! Raw cacao should have a place in your food [...]


My Two Weeks Being Out Of My Comfort Zone With Epicself

Many people choose to live their entire lives in comfort. Doing only the things that they are familiar with. I believe it's only when you push those boundaries, stepping outside of the things that make [...]

How My Path To Heal Chronic Pain Lead Me To Epicself

My path to heal chronic pain has been a long and eventful one. I discovered Amber and Epicself almost three years ago and knew instantly our paths would cross someday. I was so inspired by her and [...]

How I Found My Purpose

I was waiting to find my purpose, waiting for the day I would feel better, waiting to feel consistently happy with myself and my life, waiting to have the energy to manage my day to [...]


My Path To Freedom

Two weeks ago I landed in Costa Rica excited and full of anticipation for my fellowship with Epicself but never expecting to find freedom on the level I have. I had specific intentions in coming here [...]

Turning Dreams into Your Reality

Greetings Dear Ones!   This is Jacob here and I want to share with you my journey through the Epic Living Fellowship Program guided by the Amazing Amber Zuckswert & Ninja Daniel Finnerty. Just to [...]

How This Month at EpicSelf Transformed Me

Today is my last day as part of the EpicSelf Fellowship. I feel myself getting emotional just writing that sentence. I transformed this month in ways I wasn't expecting and the insane part is, I [...]

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