Mindful Movement


When someone says Mindful Movement, what comes to mind?

In my mind, I always imagine someone moving really slowly. It’s a little silly picturing it that way […]

Mindful Movement2016-11-29T00:43:09+00:00

10 Ways to Stay Fit this Summer


Summer is finally here! That mean’s the pressure is on to stay fit. It’s the time of  the year where BBQ’s, pool parties,  and loved ones […]

10 Ways to Stay Fit this Summer2016-11-28T00:07:17+00:00

10 Tips to Prioritize Fitness


Happy June everybody! In the Northern Hemisphere this means that bikini season is on the brink of being in full swing and this is often accompanied by a […]

10 Tips to Prioritize Fitness2016-11-28T00:07:18+00:00

Women’s Weight Training


It is a common misconception for women to believe that weight training will make them bulk up and look like a man. Fear not ladies! […]

Women’s Weight Training2016-05-25T19:47:56+00:00
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