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The Epic Awakening

Sacred Plant Medicine + Yoga Retreat

June 13th – 18th, 2017 (2 Spaces Remain)

March 6th -11th, 2017 (4 Spaces Remain)

Awaken new levels of mind, body and spirit connection by letting go of emotional baggage and physical toxins that hold you back from shining your most authentic empowered self to the world.

Let go of fear and ego. Discover deep personal peace and connection to the universe. Join us for an extremely special small group retreat experience incorporating pilates, yoga, myofascial release, meditation, 100% organic superfood plant based cuisine, two sacred plant medicine ceremonies, and traditional sweat lodge set amongst the pristine beaches and rainforest of Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica.

Space is limited to 8 guests max and by application only. Once registered all guests will receive dietary guidelines, educational resources, and shuttle confirmations. This experience is offered only one time per month. Specific dates are flexible depending on the group. Advanced application and booking is require to ensure a five star experience for all guests.

Amber designed this unique program to align, open and strengthen the body, focus and clear the mind, awaken the spirit fully, and have a ton of fun along the way with adventures in gorgeous environments.

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What’s Included

  • 5 Nights Private or Shared Accommodation

  • 3 Organic Superfood Plant Based Meals Daily

  • Daily Yoga, Pilates, Meditation and Myofascial Release with Amber

  • Day Adventures: Manuel Antonio National Park and Nauyaca Waterfall Hike

  • Two Sacred Plant Medicine Ceremonies

  • Dietary Guidelines and Educational Resources for Ceremony

  • Group and Personal Integration Coaching

  • Ground Transport to and from San Jose International Airport

Rave Reviews

It’s pure joy to watch our guests peel back the layers, release their stress, reconnect with themselves and nature. To get out of their heads and into their bodies. Away from the computer screens, into the jungle and ocean. To escape the 9–5 standard grind and experience a new way of being. To remember that they have the choice to take the best care of their mind, body and spirit every moment. Costa Rica makes this process effortless due to the slower pace, community based culture, exquisite natural beauty, and tranquil high vibes. Prioritizing health, happiness, and self growth is essential to your success in all aspects of your life. Below are just a few of the testimonials from our past wellness retreats and plant medicine ceremonies.

“These ceremonies were tremendous for me and surely something I would love to explore again when the medicine seeks me out in a dream. Until then I remain forever grateful for my experience, my insight into myself and the shifts necessary for my next step in life. I feel reborn from the medicine. I can see again. Everything is alive and I am awakened. Thank you Amber and Daniel for leading me to this experience!”

– Lana from Barbados

“Since the retreat and sacred plant medicine ceremonies, I’m functioning at optimal levels every day. I don’t get stressed out. My mind has also slowed down so much that I feel as if I’m actually living my life for the first time in 34 years! All of this with an even greater connection to mother nature too! It’s unbelievable! I will return for more insights and revelations. Thank you SO much for this life changing experience!”

– Rourke from Atlanta

“The Epic Awakening Retreat changed my life in so many ways. I was just entering into a transition with my job, location, and my inner journey when I felt the calling to go. If you are feeling this same calling, please follow that guidance. There is no better way (in my opinion) to heal than in the environment of this retreat. 

Every aspect of my being – mind, body, soul – was rejuvenated and surrounded by love. I made lasting friendships and memories, gained a deeper understanding of my Self and the collective, and was able to step further into sacred self love, healing & authenticity. My body was rebooted, my mind became more clear & my heart was expanded to a level I’ve never felt before.

Leaving the retreat I felt more supported and capable than ever to pursue my next adventure and to use what I’ve learned to make the world a better place. Since then I’ve been able to maintain a healthy lifestyle without difficulty and my outer world has aligned with the gratitude and abundance that was cultivated at the retreat.

This retreat was a true catalyst to stepping into embodiment, purpose, finding my tribe and a creating a vibration I could have never imagined. I cannot express with words the amount of realizations, miracles & love that has taken place since being in Costa Rica. I encourage you, no matter your intention of going, to follow that calling – something beautiful is awaiting for your soul.”- Sarah from Oregon


“The Epic Awakening Retreat was beyond anything I could have ever imagined!! It was the MOST transformative, enlightening and inspiring experience I have been through to date and taught me more about myself than I was prepared for.

It brought me to my knees, offering new heights of understanding, empathy, awareness and deliverance in ways I have been craving all my life and I am so deeply honored and grateful to be given the uniquely rare opportunity to partake fully in the magic that was created through the deep and riveting connections that were made during this profoundly loving and eye opening experience!! All the while, being able to pursue our own individual journeys, embarking into the deepest parts of our beings in ways that brought us to points of realization that we all needed was indeed, truly remarkable.

Coming away from it feeling completely renewed, recharged, revitalized and reconnected, I would highly recommend this retreat for anyone looking to dive deeper into themselves so they may BE their healthiest, happiest and truest version, so they may be fully equipped to take on anything this world might need in order to harmonize and heal.

A special thank you to Amber Zuckswert and Daniel Jebb Finnerty for their continual love, guidance, leadership and service and may we all continue to love ourselves so that we can love one another in the ways we all deserve.”- Stephanie from California

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Retreat Schedule

Day 1

6pm All guests arrive by shuttle to EpicSelf Headquarters

7pm Welcome Dinner Meet and Greet

Day 2

7:00am Organic Superfood Breakfast

8:00am Leave for Nauyaca Waterfalls

12pm Organic Superfood Lunch at the falls

2pm Hike out of the falls and grab snacks in Dominical

3:30pm Drive back to Manuel Antonio

5pm-6pm Yoga + Pilates + Meditation Class with Amber

6:30pm Organic Superfood Dinner

yoga teacher training costa rica

Day 3

7am Organic Superfood Breakfast

8-11am Manuel Antonio National Park

12pm Organic Superfood Lunch (last meal before ceremony)

3pm Leave for ceremony retreat center

4-5pm Play in the river and pool + flower water blessing

5-6pm Yin Yoga and Meditation with Amber

7pm-1am Sacred Plant Medicine Ceremony

nauyaca waterfalls

Day 4

8am Organic Superfood Breakfast

10am Integration Circle

1pm Superfood Organic Lunch

2pm Relax, Sleep, Journal, Hike, Play in the River

5-6pm Yin Yoga and Meditation with Amber

7pm-1am Sacred Plant Medicine Ceremony

Day 5

9am Organic Superfood Breakfast

10am Closing Integration Circle with shaman.

11am Depart on shuttle back to Manuel Antonio

12pm Organic Superfood Lunch

3pm Playitas Beach Trip

6:30pm Organic Superfood Dinner

Day 6

7am Organic Superfood Breakfast

9-10am Yoga + Pilates + Meditation Class with Amber

11am Check-Out

*We reserve the right to adjust this schedule based on weather and other incedentals*

What Is Sacred Plant Medicine?

ayahuasca brewSacred plant medicine has been used by shamans world wide for thousands of years to heal, awaken and elevate consciousness. The plant we meditate in ceremony with comes from the depths of the Amazon and is revered as the mother of all Master plant teachers. It’s been used extensively to elicit spiritual revelations, heal past traumas, and reverse addictive behaviors.

One ceremony sipping this mystical brew has been described as 10 years of meditation compressed into one night, plus the deepest physical and emotional cleanse of your life. It sparks the beginning of a powerful journey to the center of your heart and the depths of the cosmos.

Creating a safe space for healing is our number one priority. We work exclusively and very close with a local shaman and group of facilitators with over 35 years of experience. Musicians and assistants accompany the shaman during ceremonies to offer the most personal attention to all of our guests.

We highly recommend you read through the comprehensive site Reset.Me and watch documentaries to learn more about sacred plant medicines. The more you educate yourself the better. We are happy to share our favorite resources with you via email.

Organic Plant Based Superfood Cuisine

raw vegan retreat

Enjoy delicious raw and vegan superfood cuisine prepared and served by our personal chef. Plant based nutrition, especially when preparing for ceremony, is key to boosting the quality of your experience.

We only use the highest quality, locally grown, certified organic produce and super foods to create scrumptious dishes.

Sip on green juice, fresh coconut water, superfood smoothies, herbal teas, and savory soups. Munch rainbow salads, wraps, pasta, pizza and even desserts like cheesecake and pie. Your taste buds will enjoy the food as much as your belly.

All meals are crafted with the medicine’s dietary guidelines to cleanse, detox, and boost your energy. We strongly believe in the importance of following these guidelines to aide the medicines ability to do its work properly.

Mindful Movement with Amber

Amber’s daily 90 min pilates and yoga classes are woven with uplifting meditation, imagery, and visualizations. She brings an energetic, creative, fun and fluid approach to all classes and private sessions. Focus on breath, precision, and mindfulness, infuse each class. Building a balanced, toned and pain free body while challenging the mind with breath and body coordination, dynamics, balance and grace is her forte. She uses everything in her extensive tool kit of Pilates, yoga, meditation, myofascial release and dance techniques to keep her students moving one exercise to the next while weaving in cues and corrections. She loves to see the positive changes of strength, flexibility and awareness in her students.

Each class and day have a theme and are coordinated to match the energy of the group in relation to ceremony. Themes include: Pilates Fundamentals, Vinyasa Yoga Fundamentals, Back Care, Heart and Hip Openers, Inversions for Detox, Energizing and Relaxing Breath Techniques, Ignite Your Core Power, Full Body Massage with MyoFascial Release and more. All levels are encouraged and welcome. Amber offers levels and modifications for all guests. Read Amber’s entire bio here.

Pricing & Details

All inclusive price ranges from $1,600 – $2,200 depending on your choice of accommodation.

Shared Dorm with Queen Bed and Shared Bath: $1,600

Standard Queen Bedroom with Shared Bath: $1,800

Master Queen Bedroom with Private Bath: $2,200

Arrivals and Departures: Manuel Antonio is 2.5 hours drive by car from San Jose. Once your dates with us are confirmed you’ll need to book your flight to land no later then 12pm noon on the day your program begins. Once we have your flight times the epic team will book your shuttle pick up from the airport and send you confirmation via email.

Check-In at EpicSelf Headquarters begins at 3pm on the day your program begins. If you’d like to purchase additional nights before and/or after your retreat please inquire with an epic team member via email. Check-Out is 11am on final day.

Cancellation Policy: A 25% deposit is required to book your space. Full balance is due 30 days prior to start date. All payments are non refundable once made. Email Daniel for payment plan options at Daniel@EpicSelf.com. Financing also available through PayPal for up to six months with no interest.

Price Includes: Five nights accommodation, 3 meals per day, transport to and from airport, two day adventures, two sacred plant medicine ceremonies, transport to and from all activities. If you would like extra day adventures our team can help you align them easily. All guests will receive dinner the night they arrive and breakfast before they depart. Additional meals outside of your program can be purchased separately.

Not included in package price: Your flight. Transport costs while staying in Manuel Antonio.  The EpicSelf staff will assist you with all logistics and planning once you register. Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions. We are happy to assist.

Simply apply to secure one of our last rooms

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