A month ago,  I travelled alone to embark on a journey to Costa Rica and participate in the Epic Self Fellowship Program. Now this is the name of the Fellowship program but I would like to call this a Journey to An Epic Awakening.  If you would have asked me a year ago, would you travel alone? My answer would of been a big HELL NO! Why? Because I feared  being alone and not in control. I guess you could say I was comfortable being comfortable. Fear and comfort is what I let control me for a really long time.  But by no means is this a way of living. I was miserable and felt like I was being held back from living the life I always wanted which is full of  passion that fulfilled  my soul.

Now  let’s flash back to January of this year.  My friend Amanda was telling me all about the EpicSelf Fellowship program that she was about to experience in February. I was so happy for her but I envied her because I really and I mean REALLY wanted to do something like that. I wanted to travel alone and do some personal and professional development.  I had just graduated school in October  of 2015 from Holistic Nutrition and had some really great ideas of what I wanted to do with my business but I had no idea on where to start or how to do it. I also had this self limiting belief that held me back from moving forward with my dreams. I really wanted to apply for the program but in the back of  my mind, I had these self doubts and this negative voice saying “Oh you can’t do this your not good enough. These people won’t like you”

After a few days of pondering the idea and telling my inner voice to shut up,  I decided to take the leap and apply for the program. I thought the worst thing that can happen is that they deny my application. But after countless emails back and forth and numerous Skype calls, I was accepted into the program. I remember the day I received my acceptance email. I literally screamed at the top of my lungs with excitement and tears streaming down my face. I honestly could not believe that Amber and Daniel believed in my dreams and that I was going to Costa Rica to bring them to fruition. I was ready to do what ever it takes and put in HARD work.

As I sit here now reflecting back on the past month, tears are of happiness stream down my face. I have learned so much about myself that I have been longing to see.  Being a Type A personality and a perfectionist, I had put high expectations on myself and the program. I thought I was going to be able to continue my routine and do things the way I like to do them but I quickly learned that I had to let go of being in control and surrender to it all.  I was prepared to do work but I didn’t realize how much work was needed to be done. In the past when things got tough, I would break down and cry. I had a lot of days where the program got too intense and the workload was too much.  I didn’t believe in myself and thought that I wasn’t meant to be an entrepreneur.  I would sit and think to myself  there are two ways I could go about this situation, I could sit and cry and stare at a blank screen telling myself I am not good enough or I could snap the F*** out of it let go of this self limiting belief and get to work.  I chose the second route as I learned that the only person that can make my dreams a reality is me.  I can’t thank Amber and Daniel enough for shifting my mindset and teaching me the skills necessary skills and tools needed to be an entrepreneur.

So what did this experience teach me?  It taught me to let go of the self liming beliefs I put on myself and that I am enough.  I know I have what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur I just have to get out of my own way and believe in myself. I am so passionate about what I do and I just need to surrender , release and unleash my light for the world to see.

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