Eternal Oneness

Tangled, bound and woven into the fabric of eternal oneness. We are a mere particle of the unfathomable whole and yet so extremely powerful. Our thoughts manifest miracles, but are often used against us. Our hearts will unite, but are often broken and guarded. Our spirits will awaken, but are often silenced and unknown.


Will we change our ways in time to save ourselves? Absolutely.


I believe in us. I believe in our collective hearts. Come home to this moment barefoot on the soil. Breathe deep and remember. You are here. This is your time to shine and connect. Your time to positively propel the world forward with your presence. Your time to embody your ethics.


We need your voice. We need your leadership. You are what you have been waiting for. Will you step up? I will be right there with you. We will find the others. ?✨??






About the Author:

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