February Fellowship: Amanda Sylvest

I wanted to share with all of you the amazing opportunity I got to be able to work with Amber and Daniel in their February Fellowship. During our fellowship we stayed 30 days with Amber and Daniel at the Epic Living Centre. During these 30 days we went through an abundance of transformations. We ate a raw vegan diet, practised meditation and a fusion of yoga & pilates daily, attended an Ayahuasca ceremony, learned how to run a retreat centre from the inside out, the importance of social media, how to build a website from scratch and had the most epic business sales training. Needless to say, we rocked February…or it rocked us, I’m still trying to decide.

It’s crazy to think how much I’ve changed in only one month. I remember the first day I had arrived, I was starved from avoiding plane food and sitting in a shuttle bus for 3 hours. It was time for lunch, I was starving and Amber was in the kitchen massaging the BIGGEST salad ever and then she told me to help myself to whatever I desired. That was when I opened the fridge to all produce. No sauces, no spreads, mostly leafy greens and vegetables, the fruit was on the counter. I was blank, what on earth was I going to make with this? Literally this was my first reaction to all the wonderful Organic produce. Let’s just say, I’ve come a long way since then.

The first week we greeted guests who were arriving for the Epic Awakening Ayahuasca Retreat. Kendra, the raw vegan chef also joined us that week where I learned to make raw everything. But most importantly to put love into everything that you make in the kitchen! We made Wraps, nori rolls, mylks, pizzas, smoothie bowls, gorgeous fruit plates, salads of course and sauces (my new favourite trick). This made my stay here A LOT easier. We all decided to par-take in the Aya Ceremony. The amount I grew to know and become close with the guests, Ruby (the other fellow & partner in crime), Amber & Daniel and the rest of the circle at Posada was extremely precious. We all overcame so much, together. We still keep in touch and I continue to do so!

We also got to hike up to Nayuaca waterfalls together, 12715737_10101748335264028_7226811227951017348_nswim and jump off the rocks, we also saw a mama sloth and baby sloth at Manuel Antonio’s National Park! We did all this with the retreat guests who we also got to spend a lot of time with, which was wonderful! This brings me to one of the best parts of being here at Epic Self: meeting all the beautiful souls throughout my journey. Every single person has touched my heart and taught me something about the universe along the way. It’s truly magical.

The first couple weeks were a grind but as I got used to the workload and heat I was finally seeing a ton of progress in myself, yoga, my website and progress with Daniels sales approach. Here are some of the transformations that stood out over the month:

Yoga: Ok, So when it comes to Yoga, Pilates and Myofascial release, Amber is a complete genius. My two biggest accomplishments was the day I was able to touch my heels in downward dog and when I was able to do a headstand on my own and hold it. Now, maybe that doesn’t seem big deal to some people but I was over the moon about it, and then some. Amber works with us daily and continues to push us, use muscles I didn’t even know I had and had us constantly building our core and upper body strength. The treat was teaching us myofascial release techniques. The tension you have will literally melt away after rolling out on a couple tennis balls. I can’t thank Amber enough for the copious amounts of knowledge she’s shared with us, I wish I had more time to learn more from her!

Business (Website): So building your own website was not as scary as I thought, but I definitely would not have been able to do this on my own. Working with Amber sparks great ideas and I am beyond excited to share my work with everyone because I’ve worked so hard on this. A big thing I had to overcome was to not be a perfectionist. This held me back the first couple of weeks. I was always afraid of not having the right wording, colours, and afraid to publish my work…it would always be in draft form. What I learnt here is that there is ALWAYS room for change and growth, nothing is permanent, this is just the beginning, and the ideas that I have flowing, well lets just say it is very far from being complete. But I am beyond happy with where I stand now.

Business (Sales): Ok, so if you haven’t met Daniel, he is a ninja, hustler, and ultimate genius. Seriously, the way he speaks is magic and it had me wondering if I lead myself here or was it him and his words! I was a complete, utter disaster the first weeks of our training. Literally I dreaded my sessions. You mean I have to role play? Talk about myself? Convince you to buy my services? I wanted to avoid ALL of that. But leave it to the last week that I am actually looking forward to my sessions and wish there was more time. But the biggest thing he gave me, or should I say brought to life, was my confidence. To be quite honest I lacked a lot of it before coming here. Daniel makes you feel like a total bad ass and helps you find your true strengths, and points out your weaknesses so you can use those too! Words can’t amount to how thankful I am, Unless you’re Daniel, Daniel always has the proper words and answers to everything, seriously it still amazes me.

February fellowshipMyself: Again, something I didn’t notice to the very last week being here. I struggled the first couple weeks with my digestion, acne, climate and  wanting everything to fix itself. It took me a long time to see a difference. Though after eating a raw vegan diet you would think there was a lot of physical changes, which there were but what stood our to me were the changes within. I’ve come to realize that it takes work, and I’m still working on myself every, single, day. It’s all part of the grind you see. This wonderful thing we call life. The biggest thing I learnt is to let yourself dream, become, whatever that may be. But always, always bring yourself back to being IN the moment. Don’t forget where you are, what brought you there and let those thoughts flow but they are not you. You are what YOU choose to be, in that exact moment. It takes time, and a lot of reminding yourself but with everyday it get’s easier.

Whatever will be, will be.

Before I say my goodbyes I just want to take another moment to truly thank Amber and Daniel for dreaming and becoming these amazing people they are that allow people like myself to have an opportunity like this where they are able to make a huge transformation in just one month. I am so glad fate lead me to Epic Self and I will forever keep in my heart the memories and people I’ve met along the way.

Pura Vida,





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