Feng Shui Bedroom Makeover

Trouble sleeping? If you find yourself glaring at the alarm clock every hour there could be more to your restlessness than meets the eye. Sure you need to unwind at the end of the day, and have a good mattress, but do you ever wonder what else could be effecting your sleep patterns?

 The energy of your home.

When your space is messy so is your mentality. Learning how the placement of your furniture, and the colors, shapes, and elements you’ve chosen effect your personal pschie is paramount in not only getting the best night sleep, but creating an environment that draws more creativity, health, and relationships into your life.
Feng Shui can get very complex, but learning the basics is easy and will make you eager for more. Below is my Feng Shui bedroom makeover. It took me a few days to complete the project since I have other work going on, but with simple decluttering and rearranging you can achieve some measurable results. Decluttering in itself will work wonders in calming nerves. Watch the transformation…
Feng Shui Your Bedroom from Amber Zuckswert on Vimeo.
As I mention in the video, it’s most important to use the command position for the bed position. Then consult the Bagua map for placement of colors, shapes and elements in order to bring balance to certain aspects of your life. I couldn’t cover all my remedies in the video. There is so much going on in one room it would probably take me half hour to explain! I have used Feng Shui in my last few apartments and it’s worked wonders for my stress levels. Feng shui taps into the power of our subconscious mind and energy. So have fun and give it a whirl!

Side Note: Everything I used to makeover my room I found at thrift stores. Recycling at it’s best! You might be surprised at the treasure trove you can discover if you dig deep and get creative. In today’s day and age the more we can reuse the better. Go green by using used/vintage items or buying new green furniture.
Extend your knowledge in this ancient practice by flipping through the pages of some of my favorite Feng Shui books here.




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