How many times do we all get worked up when things don’t go our way?


We are pressed for time and have to get send an important email and then…We lose our internet connection out of no where for no apparent reason! you try to fix your computer settings, you restart your computer a thousand times but still no darn internet connection. Right about now the stress starts to sink in and the hair starts to get pulled out of your head. This is no way to fix the problem, there are always solutions. The problem is we give up to easy, or let me speak for myself…”I” give up to easy. But perhaps you can relate to this feeling and reaction. (please tell me I’m not the only one out here pulling my hair out of my head?!)


In modern society we are always trapped in the notion of time. We have schedules and deadlines we have to make or else; you know how the saying goes “your dead meat!”  Our plates are always filled with things we have to do and places we have to be. But you know what we do when our plates are filled with a yummy 4 course meal? We don’t just sit there and stare at it and wonder how the heck we eat it. We pick our forks up and dig into that savory dinner!


Work should be no different. When our internet crashes in the middle of an important email, don’t allow yourself to crash with it. Find a way to make magic happen, even if it means waking your roommate up at 12 o’clock midnight to use their macbook. There are always solutions. But usually the moment we realize our computer just isn’t going to cooperate with us tonight, our minds go haywire. The stress and anxiety of the workload begins to overwhelm us and we end up staring at our computer screen waiting for the service to magically reappear. Words of advice…Don’t be the guy who just sits there and stairs at the computer screen waiting for the service to magically appear. It may eventually but in the mean time you can go out and make that magic happen on your own!


And it’s never as challenging as we think its going to be. When we finally suck it up and knock on our roomies door to see if we can borrow there new macbook, the answer will most likely be yes. And guess what…now you have a computer to surf the internet all night once you send that precious email! But make sure you get to work and send that email. You don’t want to be the guy who is granted access to the internet and goes right to creepin’ on facebook, only to fall asleep and never send the darn email. Okay so maybe your not a creeper but you get the point im trying to make here.


Life is always going to drop a giant mountain in front of us, or multiple for us to climb. But if we lace up our hiking boots and start climbing eventually we will reach the peak and be able to look down and appreciate all the hard work we put in to get there. So I encourage you to take life’s challenges, don’t get worked up and get to work instead!  You’ll be happy you did.