Green it up peeps! I love anything live, green and organic.  Life’s too good to feel anything less than awesome and a green superfood smoothie is a such a great way to start the day and easily get more greens into your diet.  This combination of ingredients are easy on the digestion too!


‘Green it Up’ Green Smoothie

Ingredients – all organic where possible

Handful Kale

Handful Cilantro or spinach

Handful Frozen Banana, Pineapple and/or Papaya

1/2 Teaspoon Green Powder or Spirilina

Juice of 1 orange


Optional – add 1/4 tspn Maca, but be careful as this can alter the taste.



Throw all the ingredients into a blender.   Blend until smooth.


Note: If you don’t have fresh orange juice feel free to use a 1/4 cup of water instead.  Add more water as required  to get your preferred consistency.