How To Create A Life You Love


How many of us want to have the life of our dreams? …I know stupid question, we all do! We want to have this job, that car, that house, that partner. As human beings we have a lot of of desires, some of these desires will fill us with joy when we achieve them and some will leave us feeling even more incomplete once we “have” our desire. So why do we even have these desires, and how do we know if it’s even going to contribute to the life of our dreams? Well I like to think we have these desires, not because we want that new Porsche 911 or mansion on the beach, but because we want the feeling that these luxuries will bring. We want to feel the rush of that wind passing through our hair as we cruise with the top down in our Porsche. We want to see the beautiful sunsets from our beach balcony. Why… because it makes us feel ALIVE, it makes us feel HAPPY. (what a funny word btw, happy…)


As human beings we all have one thing in common, we ALL want to be happy. We want that dream lifestyle. And we have a smorgasbord of desires we think will make us happy and achieve that life of our dreams. Regardless of whether our desire is going to make us happy or sad, we have the power to claim that desire, and we most certainly deserve to have that loving compassionate partner, or that job that makes our heart sing.  The problem is were so stuck on “having” that desire that we miss out on the joy of life because we feel we are lacking something or someone. From there comes the feeling of being incomplete and inadequate, and what stems from there is a shopping bag of even more desires! Its a vicious cycle, and one we need to break if we are going to create the life of our dreams. Now don’t get confused with desires being this evil thing we need to rid ourselves of, absolutely not. They are the driving force for our lives. What I’m saying is we need to get clear on whether or not we truly want that desire or the feeling that it is potentially going to bring us. I am sure we are searching for that feeling of joy, admiration, passion and excitement, rather than that super mansion with 4 living rooms that we’ll never even get to see!


Although, I do believe we can have it all and that we deserve it all. That includes the super mansion with 50 rooms, the cherry red Ferrari with the super model wife in it and the career that makes all our fears disappear. We deserve it all, but we need to transform the the way we go about “having” it all. It all starts from our way of BEING! We need to BE someone in order to DO the things necessary to HAVE the things that we desire. Being, being, being! Who are you being? Are you being lazy, lackadaisical, pessimistic and fearful? Or are you turning on your magic by being virtuous, optimistic and confident in your pursuit of your dream lifestyle? We need to be constantly aware of our state of being, because from there stems our inspiration to start doing, and then from there and only there can we begin to start having. Having that lifestyle we’ve dreamed of for so long. It is all in our power. The power of choice. And we have a choice in each and every moment.  So tell me who will you choose to BE?





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