How To Transform Breakdowns Into Breakthroughs

Think back to a time when you were having a mental “breakdown.” How did it make you feel? Probably stressed, anxious, guilty and a bit angry with yourself or someone, maybe something right? Lets be real breakdowns happen quite often and they are not fun! Its only noon here in Costa Rica and I’ve already faced what some people would call a “breakdown”, actually depending on who you are I could have faced several breakdowns already! Breakdowns range from small instances that could ruin your afternoon, all the way to huge extravaganzas that could ruin your entire vacation trip. An example of a huge breakdown might go as my morning did when I went to upload all my videos and pictures from my Costa Rica trip only to realize that half of my precious media had disappeared! Well atleast I had thought. Now an example of a minor breakdown might resemble my morning when I opened up the fridge to indulge in some delicious ripe pineapple, and continued to pack my bag with my laptop and journal to head over to a local cafe to write a blog post. I walked quite a while and was approaching the cafe when it hit me, $#iT I left the pineapple out and its going to be infested with bugs soon! So as you could imagine i dragged myself back to the house to put the yummy fruit back in it’s home, the refrigerator.


These are some practical, real life examples of what some may call a mental breakdown. Now I’ve been training myself to think otherWISE and to see these breakdowns as breakthroughs, which is exactly what presided. I refused to allow these instances to get the best of me and began to brainwash my mind with some empowering mantras; “I am at peace, everything is just as it should be.”


And from what I could of allowed to be a breakdown emerged a powerful breakthrough!!! After putting that darn pineapple back in it’s home, I was walking back to the local cafe to write my new blog post (my second one ever at that). I had no ideas for this blog post prior to this whole “breakdown”, but as i continued to walk, and smile and state my mantras, it hit me! These so called breakdowns could be the catalyst for a breakthrough! From there unfolded my new blog post; How Breakdowns Can be Breakthroughs! And you’ll never guess what happened after that…It registered in my monkey mind that all my precious media from my trip were actually just on a different memory card (haha phewww!).


Soooo allll of that lead me to share with you how we can transform these ugly breakdowns into beautiful breakthroughs. Here’s how…

  1. Breakdowns remind us to SLOW DOWN, and breathe in some of that good ass prana! From there comes a sense of peace and this allows us to be in the present moment, where “presents” present themselves. (hints this blog:)
  2. Breakdowns remind us that EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON. That there is a divine plan, and if we can remember this, that reason will naturally unfold into something magnificent.
  3. Breakdowns allow us to exercise our WILLPOWER. They remind us that we are in control of our perception, and not the other way around. It gives us an opportunity to work out that muscle in our mind, to be willing to see things differently.
  4. Breakdowns remind us to not let outside circumstances effect our internal state of mind. And that
    WE ARE THE CREATORS OF OUR LIFE! But only if we are aware of whats happening inside our crazy monkey minds.


Take what you will from this but my hope is that the next time your facing that dreadful, so called “breakdown” that you will slow down;breathe, exercise your willpower and remember that everything happens for a reason, and that we are LITERALLY creating our Lives. If you can do this I promise you (fingers crossed), from your breakdown will emerge a MIRACULOUS BREAKTHROUGH!!!





















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