One Week in Paradise

One week in paradise down, three to go. Time seems warped here in Costa Rica, and I’m hardly able to believe that my first week at the Epic Fellowship has already passed. The amount I’ve [...]

My Path To Freedom

Two weeks ago I landed in Costa Rica excited and full of anticipation for my fellowship with Epicself but never expecting to find freedom on the level I have. I had specific intentions in coming here [...]

Turning Dreams into Your Reality

Greetings Dear Ones!   This is Jacob here and I want to share with you my journey through the Epic Living Fellowship Program guided by the Amazing Amber Zuckswert & Ninja Daniel Finnerty. Just to [...]

Viva la Costa Rica

I first came to Costa Rica in the fall of 2014. I spent two short weeks here but it took me less than 72 hours before I promised myself I would be back. When the [...]

Pura Vida Vibes

Hola mi amigos!   Thats about all the spanish i can scrounge up but its better than nothing right! (Gimme a lil' credit haha) It's Jacob here and I'm currently retreating out in the beautiful [...]

Unlocking your Power

Good day everyone! how are you feeling today? I'm feeling alive, awake, connected and refreshed! I'll tell you how...but shhh don't let anyone else know or else we'll all be this happy and alive. The [...]

Seeking Peace and Bliss?

How bad do you want a life full of peace and bliss?   If your like me you may have spent thousands of dollars on workshops, seminars and training's seeking the answers to find peace [...]

How to Be Bold

I get told a lot that I’ve made some pretty bold choices in my life: leaving home and going to college 8 hours away; traveling to Africa; living abroad. To me I don’t see these [...]

Stop Being a Perfectionist

How many of you are perfectionist out there? I know I'm not the only one who struggles hours longer than everyone else to write the "perfect" blog post, or takes 4 years to actually make [...]

Until We Meet Again

I'm so not ready to say "until we meet again" to Amber & Daniel, my co-fellow Amanda, Epic Self HQ, Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica....It’s my last day of Epic Self Fellowship and there’s so many [...]

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