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Ayahuasca Ceremony

Magnificent euphoria washed over me, as always within ceremony, and I was back in the solid reality of the rainforest temple. My feet deeply rooted, my heart beating expansively in my chest, my crown and [...]

Save The Rainforest

Save The Rainforest!   The pulsing heart beat of the rainforest beckons me. My soul is home and most alive when surrounded by its lush vibrant energy. The red soil soothes and grounds my feet. [...]

Can You Feel the Energy?

Can You Feel the Energy? Invigorated, humbled, mesmerized, awe inspired, forever changed by this boundless beauty. So untamed. So sacred.   Seek wide open spaces. Sing at the top of your lungs. Get muddy. Climb [...]

Beach Retreat Weekend Getaway

Who Wants a Piece of this Paradise?! Maybe a beach retreat weekend getaway? Beach Thai massage anyone? It's been a long work week and you deserve to treat your body to some sweet lovin from [...]

5 Simple Ways To Detox Your Life

As we step into the dawn of a new year we have one simple choice. To bounce out of bed with radiant energy, eager to jump into the adventures and endless opportunity of the day.

Epic Launch: Virtual Pilates/Yoga Classes on Google + Hangouts

Summer is already in full swing! Are you as eager as I am to hit the sand for some much needed rays? Check out my latest newsletter to email subscribers for some quick tips and updates to keep you inspired, moving, sweating and smiling all season.

Expo East Mayhem Begins

I'm en route to the largest natural product expo in the country, Natural Product Expo East. I'm elated to join the power house team behind Brad's Raw Foods for a whirlwind affair.

Detox Your Life: 3 Week E-Course

In this transformative 3-week course, taught by international health and wellness coach Amber Zuckswert, you will learn to design a non-toxic lifestyle to support your most epic self.

Pin to Win A Spot In My Day Retreat

Crisp Fall is in the air and the cruisy days of Summer are slipping away quickly. This change in season is always a fantastic time to revamp your healthy habits and wipe the slate clean in prep for Winter. Set yourself up for success during the excessive holidays and radiate the best you now with my Pilates/Yoga Superfood Detox Day Retreat this Saturday, September 15th from 1-5pm in San Francisco.

Superfood Vegan Barre Giveaway

Do you remember back in June I spent a weekend in Denver at the Fitness and Health Blogger Conference? The zumba pictures and insane tweeting and instagraming ring a bell?

Animals = Family

I grew up in a zoo. 5 cats, 1 dog, 2 bunnies, 2 parrots, hermit crabs, frogs, fish, ducks, you name the critter, they were family members.

My Most Memorable Life Moment with My Cat

Memories. It's actually funny how much I never reminisce about my past. I actively chose to forget about the bad and only focus on the good in the now and future. But when it comes to Hendrix, the good times pour in. - See more at:

For The Love Of Hendrix

Do you have cats? What's your love story? Enter a story during June and July and participants have an opportunity to win $5,000 and a one-year supply of Purina Cat Chow.

RAW Living Water

Do you know where your water comes from? I know you hear the hydration question constantly. Do you drink your 8 glasses per day? And while sipping enough is important, the quality of your water, just like with food, reigns supreme. I'm elated to announce that for the next 6 weeks, Summit Spring RAW water will be giving away 1 case every two weeks to an Epicself subscriber. That means you have 3 chances to win! - See more at:

Title IX Anniversary Party!

It's been 40 years. Nearly half a century since Title IX for women's equality in education and sports was passed into legislation. Today we must celebrate how far we've come ladies!

Rosie The Riveter Was Just The Beginning

One of my favorite Halloween costumes I've ever put together with my girl friends was in high school. We had just learned about Rosie The Riveter in history class and instantly knew we wanted to embody her as a group. We slept with curlers, glossed our lips in crimson red and zipped up our jumpsuits to strut our stuff in the school's contest. I even had an over-sized shirt I'd wear to bed with her image proudly screen printed on the front. Rosie was my female power symbol.

Longevity Now Conference 2012 Adventures

Do you want to dance into your 90's? I'm planning beyond 100 thanks to the copious amount of info at this years Longevity Now Conference. David Wolfe's annual health conference brings together the leading experts and most cutting edge research to one sunny location every year. Remember my conference recap from 2011? - See more at:

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