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Sitting Kills: This Will Make You Want To Move

How long have you been sitting today? If it's been more than 30 mins pop up right now and do at least 15 jumping jacks before you read this. Throw in a few side bends and roll downs while you're at it. - See more at:

I Think I Broke A Rib

Yesterday I had a blast exploring the daredevil playfulness and therapeutic world of AcroYoga. - See more at:

Show Up

"I'm too tired, I have errands to run, and a full inbox, it's a mission to get to the studio, my favorite yoga pants are dirty, my back hurts, I just don't feel like it..." What are your excuses for neglecting your body? - See more at:

Push Your Heart Muscle

As my six week experiment with The Nike Training Club iphone app comes to a close I look back on my charted progress and rewards with a smile. - See more at:

Who Are Your Fitness Idols?

Fitness celebs are popping into my life lately. They motivate me to stay committed to my Nike Challenge! Two weeks ago at Rancho La Puerta I spent a few days taking workshops from, teaching along side, and chatting over farm fresh meals with the cheerful Leslee Bender. - See more at:

Body Over Mind

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Cross Train Like A Pro

When you carry a personal trainer in your pocket there's no reason not to pump up your game.

Pocket Size Personal Trainer Challenge

Do you have a personal instructor or coach? Whether in person or virtual, it's such a luxury and well worth the unique personalized experience. - See more at:

  • hold on

Hold On

Life got in the way. My sincere apologies for going underground for the last month! I wanted to catch you up with my current projects and plans.

Inside Rancho La Puerta

Greetings from Rancho La Puerta! I don't know what day it is and that makes me happy. I've had an incredible last few days at the ranch and wanted to give you a sneak peak into all the activities and rejuvenating going down South of the border. - See more at:

Feed Me Green Fest

Last weekend I had a blast exploring my favorite event of the year, The San Francisco Green Festival! Each Green Festival event features more than 125 speakers and 300 Green Marketplace exhibitors, as well as live music, hands-on workshops, family activities, local vegetarian cuisine and organic beer and wine.

  • road trip

How To Stay Fit And Healthy On a Road Trip

A few weeks back my marathon running, raw foodie buddie Jeff Golfman and I embarked on a road trip through the gorgeous red rocks of Sedona and Patagonia, Arizona. - See more at:

Side Body Pilates Flow

How is the side of your body? Do you even notice it? We find so many ways to work the front and back of our bodies in the most linear ways imaginable. Up dog, down dog, hundreds, roll over. A vast majority of pilates and yoga movement are focused on strengthening or opening the front or back of the body. What about lateral movement and the massive fascia networks of our side seams? - See more at:

Spring Into Action

Note: This is a sample of my latest BE EPIC Newsletter! Those who are not subscribed, this is what you are missing out on every week. I send out pilates videos, top links and health information of the week, and giveaways! - See more at:

Pilates Mat Form For Chiseled Core Strength

I had a few minutes today between my back care class and private clients to film a quick mat sequence for you. - See more at:

Breath, Posture And A Six Pack

Whether you are stuck in traffic, cutting veggies, or taking a sandy stroll, you can cinch the waist, breath easier and feel more confident.

How To Build A Cat Spine Of Steel

Through a dedicated pilates practice we can rewire neural pathways and old movement patterns, strengthen the muscles that support the spine and increase range of motion/flexibility.

Neck And Shoulder Release For Perfect Posture

Last time I addressed posture I had you face down on the mat strengthening the back of your shoulders into proper alignment. Today we release tension in the neck, chest and front of the shoulders to facilitate perfect posture. - See more at:

Hip And Low Back Opening Sequence

The average American sits between 8-11 hours per day. That's a total of 2,920 hours a year of crunching our low backs with poor posture and cultivating tension in our hips. And we wonder why our backs ache?! For ultimate spine and hip longevity you'll need to open those cramped spaces daily.

Happy Feet = Happy You

How often do you think about your feet? Besides the random pedicure or shoe shopping spree, most of us forget about the little guys.

My Free Virtual Pilates Mat Class Recorded For You

Thanks to the 24 rock stars who made it to my free virtual pilates class on Ustream last Tuesday evening! Your feedback and enthusiasm put a perma smile on my face for the rest of the week. - See more at:

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