My Epic Fellowship Adventure

It’s hard to believe that a month has gone by, my epic fellowship adventure is almost over and I am about to return home. It has truly been an epic experience and adventure. This time has gone by quickly and intimately slow at the same time. I came with specific expectations and intentions and I return with them not only met but far surpassed.

As I touched on in my half way mark post, my main goals were:

  • to learn how to take care of my body through yoga, pilates and myofascial release
  • to see how it felt being raw vegan for an entire month,
  • to rediscover all of myself; reaffirm my path, see what other doors were out there,
  • to get my business organized; mapped out with a “how to move forward” plan
  • to learn how to integrate and use the educational pieces I had already created,
  • to learn how to best leverage and use my time,
  • to learn how to move more into a virtual practice.

I felt confident coming here that I would be able to attain all of these. I am delighted to confirm this. My biggest challenge has been getting out of my own way and allowing walls to drop that no longer served me and truly allowing my heart, my self to be free. What I have appreciated most is not only are Amber and Daniel the best coaches I have ever worked with, they provide a safe space to explore and expand personally not just in business. They give not only of their time and knowledge but of themselves. I am eternally grateful for this.

Amber has taught me how to build and manage my own modern, sleek, user friendly website which was a huge issue for me in the past; relying on someone else for updates and looking out of date. She has also taught me how to streamline my offerings, use social media better, market myself, make the best use of my time and how to integrate all the pieces I already have.

Daniel has coached me to a place I’d never thought imaginable. A place where I am confident in myself and what I have to share, a place where I am comfortable speaking with others. But mostly where I am comfortable with myself. He truly is the sales Jedhi!

I especially loved the daily meditation yoga, pilates and myofascial release  practice. Before coming here I had a daily practice but due to past injuries had become very limited in what I could do and was in pain most of the time. I needed to learn how to take care of my body so I could  release it of pain and build strength again. Amber has taught me exactly that and also showed me I am capable of a lot more than I think most of time. My body has surprised me with its responses. I am elated to take these tools home with me and continue the work begun here. As my daily practice has evolved, so have I. With excitement and curiosity I will continue this exploration and take it further.

The time spent learning firsthand how a retreat works, getting to interact with the guests and sharing in their adventures was a special treat I wasn’t expecting. The Nauyaca Waterfall hike will forever be imprinted in my best adventures.

Eating an entirely raw plant based way during these 30 days was something I looked forward to in coming here. Though the highest percentage of what I eat normally is plant based and mostly raw I was curious to see how I would feel eating entirely that way. Surprisingly it has not been difficult. It’s helped to create a lighter feeling within my body and helped moved some old toxins that needed to be released. The best part has been getting to play with food and creating delicious raw vegan versions of mainstream foods along with expanding my thought process and use of food in recipes. I now feel much more confident with my raw food chef skills.

I came here feeling trapped within my own walls, ready to expand and rediscover myself in all ways; I leave with most of those walls gone and a new doors on the horizon for continued growth and expansion. I truly recommend this fellowship to anyone who is looking to grow personally and professionally. To anyone who is willing to challenge themselves and see how much more they have within themselves and their gift they offer to the world. I wish I had had this opportunity many years ago when I was first starting out and am blessed to have had it exactly at this moment in my journey.

As the sun sets on this adventure I prepare to return home. I return with my edges softened, heart overflowing, creativity overflowing, a map to put it all together and move forward on my path. I return pain free and with tools to keep me that way for the rest of my life. I return with renewed passion and purpose continuing down my path of living life beyond the ordinary.






About the Author:

Johanna Thorn, N.C., Wellness Coach and author of the #1 Amazon bestselling book “Live Vibrantly! 10 Steps to Maintain Youthfulness, Increase Energy and Restore Your Health” is fiercely committed to guiding people in taking ownership of their health giving them freedom to live life beyond the ordinary; full of energy, free from fear of aging or disease. Her path to become a wellness coach became clear after having restored her own health from one debilitating health issue after another including an autoimmune disease. She brings 30 years of personal experience and coaching to the table to support you to be your most vibrant self. Read more about her fabulous work on
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