My Transformation From The Epic Living Academy

I've had such an incredible, mind-expanding, heart-opening experience here at with Amber and Daniel. I would like to share my transformation through the EpicSelf Fellowship with you. Over the last month I’ve been building my website for Bioglo, learning sales and marketing strategy, writing blog posts on health and nutrition, creating delicious raw vegan recipes, and experiencing the healing power of plant medicine in the jungle. Some of my favorite posts so far have been The Top Ten Benefits of Ayahuasca, The Best Vegan Sauerkraut Sushi Rolls with Tahini Sauce, and The Top 5 Trending Videos on Spirituality in the Modern World. It’s been a magical journey full of human connection, self exploration, rigorous body balancing through yoga with pilates integration, spontaneous hikes through the jungle, tropical ocean swims, and opening my third eye into the spirit dimension!

In the beginning I was nervous about being in a new environment, changing my diet to the opposite end of the spectrum from paleo to raw vegan, and facing my resistance to doing the work for fear of failure.  I was scared of sharing my very personal journey, especially about my near-death experience and ayahuasca quest, because in the past I have been judged and punished for sharing these stories. My freedom and rights as an individual were unjustly and inhumanely taken away for six months, I became very sick from being forced to eat foods I was allergic to and I lost my ability to communicate because no matter what I said I was misheard or misinterpreted, so I ended up not speaking for almost a year.

I had lost all hope and was ready to give up when finally a friend came to my rescue and offered a healing place to stay away from the negativity and harmful energy. I spent a year recovering - healing my body, mind, and most importantly spirit. I started a dog walking and fitness consulting business, fed my body clean, nutrient-dense foods, struggled through basic yoga classes to the point of passing out, detoxed through salt baths and infrared saunas, and started living in the present moment and manifesting positive things in my life. That process of manifesting and creating a beautiful vision of the future brought me to the magic of Costa Rica, and to the EpicSelf Fellowship.

When I arrived I felt like I had mostly healed myself from the traumas I experienced, but after a couple days here working with Amber and Daniel I broke down in an incredible release of all the emotions I had bundled up and hidden away. Amber held incredible space for me and was so patient, understanding, and compassionate. I felt like maybe I could start sharing my story after the way she accepted it as truth and continued to share her love.

Over the course of the following month I felt my heart opening up, my body releasing negative energy, and my spirit coming to terms with the memories it had repressed in order to survive. I felt inspired by Daniel and Amber’s beautiful spirits, motivated by their dedication to spreading light, elevated by their knowledge, and expanded by their calm and focused presence.  I realized I could heal and help others by sharing my story, and I am beginning to feel the joy and release of sharing my journey with the world.

I feel the EpicSelf Fellowship has giving me so many amazing tools, including my new Bioglo site and ninja communication techniques, to be able to share and help others on their health and nutrition paths and to recover from illness or medical treatments. I encourage anyone who is looking to grow and expand their health and wellness business to work with Amber and Daniel. Thank you so much to these beautiful souls who are full of compassion and patience, holding space for me to grow and transform into the best version of myself. <3 <3 <3




About the Author:

Nicole is a certified yoga instructor and holistic health coach specializing in Bulletproof nutrition and biohacking techniques. She personally used the Bulletproof lifestyle to recover from severe autoimmune disease and a lifetime of systemic inflammation. Read more about her passion work on
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