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Live Online Coaching via Zoom

New to online training? It’s super easy and fun. Through the power of the simple and free video call platform Zoom, you can talk and practice with me anytime that fits your schedule, anywhere in the world. Each coaching package includes a specific number of one-on-one live interactive experiences. Plus, VIP days, videos classes and much more.

Mind Body Fitness

Plant Based Nutrition

Lifestyle Design

Choose the wellness package that aligns with your highest intentions and goals!

3 Month Revive Me

6 Zoom Sessions Total

Two 60 min sessions per month

One check-in email per week

VIP day with Amber

Welcome kit of resources

Video copies of your sessions

Details & Sign Up

3 Month Enlighten Me

12 Zoom Sessions Total

One 60 min session per week

One check-in email per week

VIP day with Amber

Welcome kit of resources

Video copies of your sessions

Details & Sign Up

3 Month Transform Me

24 Zoom Sessions Total

Two 60 min session per week

Two check-in emails per week

VIP day with Amber

Welcome kit of resources

Video copies of your sessions

Details & Sign Up


“Amber is simply one of the most knowledgeable, passionate, and *present* professionals I have had the honor of working with, as a student of her pilates and yoga practice. I started working with Amber after experiencing rather staggering sports injuries, which had proven a major disruption in my life for over a year. I had lost confidence that I would ever really be able to fully move in my body again, but Amber found a way to work through my limitations, and bring me back into my physical self: the ultimate gift one can give to another. She is compassionate, rigorous, disciplined, creative, and always focused on safety and the smallest of corrections that produce big results. She honors her gift, and shares it with precision so that we may benefit from her years of devoted practice. I am very much indebted to her.”

– Laurel Taylor- San Francisco, CA

“Amber Zuckswert is professional, compassionate, caring and loving individual– always putting your needs and abilities first. Always encouraging and supportive, never impatient. Her attention to the tiniest movement noticed, complement or corrected in the gentlest way. Before I started with Amber I had been on the couch for 3 years, in severe nerve pain, barely functioning. Now, after adjusting my nutrition and twice weekly pilates practice with Amber I have lost 40 pounds, power walk every day, travel often, and have reduced my need for prescription pain medication by 90%. I am so grateful to be living fully once again with energy to spare. Thank you, Amber. You are a true angel sent to help me heal.”

– Jane Fay – Santa Monica, CA

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Frequently Asked Questions is the best quality free video conferencing site. Head over there now to sign up on

Once you have purchased a coaching package, signed up for Zoom, and added Amber, you will discuss what day and times work best for your schedule. Amber will accommodate your schedule based on her availability.

Live online sessions are interactive and personal. Unlike a video or a live streaming class, Amber’s expert eye will pay close attention to your form, pace the session for you and demonstrate for your specific needs. Because you won’t have to crane your neck to view the online instructor (vocal cues take you through most of your workout), you’ll have a more relaxed, effective and grounded experience.

Other benefits:

  • You can train with Amber anytime, anywhere.
  • You’ll receive a video copy of your session so you can refer back and see your own form.
  • Amber will happily give personal homework and notes.
  • Accountability. Most people know what they need to do for their health, but lack the ability to follow through. is Amber’s gift of free information for you, but working with a professional who designs a movement and nutrition program for your specific body and needs is the best investment in your health. Health is the only wealth. Instead of paying thousands in hospital bills later on when you are sick or injured, while feeling sub par in the meantime, it as an investment in prevention and epic living now. You are welcome to share your pilates and yoga sessions with whomever you like – either through additional screen log-ins or having friends come to your location with you. You can even host a weekly yoga class in your living room for the neighbors!

The real question is, what are you getting for the cost of an online session? You are earning your time back. The time it would take to go to the gym or studio and get ready. Also, because Amber is there to ensure you are working safely and to motivate you, your workout is a more concentrated effective experience and you don’t have to worry about getting injured.

Absolutely. Where ever you have a computer, internet connection, webcam and microphone you can meet with Amber. Whether that’s home, the office, or in a hotel room in Bora Bora. That is the beauty of technology.
You will meet with Amber for an hour and discuss the goals and intentions you have discussed and planned. She offers her advice and support as you navigate your own epic health journey. This is your time to ask questions, get inspired and learn all the life skills you need to create your best self with Amber.
When you meet with Amber online, your session will be paced according to your level. Enjoy one hour of instruction tailored for your body with her expert eye on you to give you feedback instantly. Using vocal cues, demonstrations and personal feedback, Amber will ensure that you are working both safely and effectively.
  • A stable internet connection
  • A web cam and microphone. CNET has a thorough guide to buying here. Most computers come with built in cameras and microphones now days.
  • Any props or equipment you want to utilize. Examples: foam roller, magic circle, weights, bands.
  • Space to move, a mat and a smile!

Technology isn’t perfect. Connections drop occasionally, but no need to worry about your time being lost. Amber will honor a “piggy bank” of minutes. If you lose a few minutes due to connection issue they will roll over into your next session. Here are a few key tips for maintaining the best connection.

  • Make sure you have the most updated browser (Firefox or Chrome are best)
  • Make sure your computer is plugged into a power source
  • If possible, plug computer directly into ethernet cable rather than using WiFi
  • If using Wifi, make sure other devices are shut off (other computers, tablets or phones searching for connection)
  • Turn off screen saver and sleep mode
  • Shut down all other programs running on computer and make sure no downloads are running
  • For enhanced sound: plug into extenal speaker system or use wireless headset
  • To test your internet connection speed:
Amber has spent her career working with a vast array of clients. Brand new to advanced professionals. Every body is welcome. It’s not about how far you’ve come, but how far you will go! She will design a program tailored to your specific body and history.
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