Real vs. Fake Beauty

Last week I had the rare opportunity to be a movie star for a day. A dear friend of mine was graduating from a hair and makeup course and convinced me to model for her final exam. Full hair, makeup and special effects were painted on throughout the day. “I could get used to this!” I thought. Staring at myself in the mirror all day got me thinking. Should I wear makeup everyday? Do I need to join the masses by smoking up my eyes every morning? Play into what the media tells us is beautiful and appealing to others? Is my natural radiance enough? Insecurities that plague most women.

Check out my transformation from real to glam and back again. This is a clip I shot for my travel blog

My typical morning includes an oh so glamorous stumble out of bed followed by a face wash, hair pinning and dash to grab the cleanest workout garb in order to get to the studio on time. Can you say gym rat? Sweating is inevitable so showers are put off until bedtime. Make-up is a novelty worn only for shindigs with friends or nights out over the weekend. Even during these rare instances of dolly up the au natural look is my cup of tea. That’s my life and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I agree makeup makes you feel beautiful and more confident about yourself, but I wonder about hiding behind makeup.I always find it interesting when a client of mine walks in with a face full of makeup and hair pulled back in a “messy” bun that took them a good half hour to create. They know full well that the amount of time I will have them holding plank is enough to cause even the most water proof mascara to run, yet makeup is a must. Is looking in the mirror at your natural face that bad? I seriously doubt it!

If you talk to most guys they will tell you that they could care less about makeup and even clothes for that matter. That women really dress up for other women. What’s the deal ladies? I know I fall into this pit as well. We want to look that much better than the next girl in order to get noticed by some guy at the bar. But the truth is…1st of all no one ever met the man of their dreams at a bar, 2nd of all a guy who only see’s your superficial beauty isn’t worth your time anyway.

The most amazing men I have ever met happened to find me at my most disheveled moments. Laying in the park in sweats and a tank top reading a book…walking home dripping sweat from Bikram, and in the airport, jet lagged and in need of a shower. They all claimed it was my natural radiance that was attractive. My aura so to speak.

Imagine a world without mirrors! In episode 11 over at Only In A Woman’s World, Maya battles with her mirror. Moving to my latest apartment I was torn from my full length mirror set up and found myself having a hard time coping. I actually caught myself looking at my reflection in store front windows for a rather lengthen period of time. I just had to know how others saw me…ridiculous and insane! Hilarious at the same time. Who cares… we are all ants in a massive universe anyway.

My question to you epic men and women out there is which do you prefer and why? More importantly, why is beauty, image and what others think so damn important to woman and now more than ever men…yes I’m talking about all you metro guys out there. Start the discussion…I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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