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Upcoming Retreats & Trainings

The Epic Awakening Retreat

July 1st – 6th, 2018 (Sold Out)

December 16th – 21st, 2018 (Sold Out) 

March 4th – 9th, 2019 (1 Space)

The Epic Academy Yoga Teacher Training

Nov 7th – Dec 7th, 2018 Thailand

Jan 14th – Feb 14th, 2019 in Costa Rica

The Weekend Wake Up

February 12th – 14th, 2019 (3 spaces)

 Why Retreat & Train With Us?

We know you have endless options when it comes to travel and that’s why we specialize in creating dynamic educational experiences that transform lives. While all of our retreats are rejuvenating and fun, they also offer in depth immersion in a healthy lifestyle with internationally renowned experts where you are taught the skills necessary to maintain epic living back home.

  • All-inclusive packages that include accommodation, all meals, day adventures and shuttle transport
  • 10 years of experience crafting powerful and transformative retreats and training programs
  • All groups are small (no more then 10) for a more personal and hands on experience
  • 100% Organic local produce and superfoods used for all meals
  • Experience ancient shamanic ceremonies and sacred plant medicine
  • Educational courses on a vaste array of wellness topics
  • Cultural and language immersion
  • Menu of spa treatment options with local therapists
  • Dozens of day adventures in Manuel Antonio and surrounding towns
  • Outstanding customer service and customization for individuals and groups

Our retreats and teacher trainings are an opportunity for the local and global community to learn the artful ways of healthy lifestyle design. An experience designed to help you relax, play and let go of old habits that hold you back from being your most authentic passionate self. Tear up the salsa dance floor, dine on local organic meals, find peace in sunset yoga, co-work with other like minds, ignite your core in pilates, and learn how to whip up delicious healthy recipes. All while connecting with others, going on adventures, and learning the skills necessary to protect and nurture our planet.

Amber Zuckswert nauyaca waterfalls costa ricaEpic Living Retreats & Trainings blossomed out of Amber Zuckswert’s deep love for mindful and fun movement coupled with specialized peak performance nutrition and spiritual self growth. She strongly believes in the power of the mind, body, spirit triad and loves nothing more then coaching health, abundance, and freedom in others.

When we learn the life skills needed to take the best care of ourselves, to reach our full potential, we inspire the same in others. We unconsciously shift the world in a more positive direction. As Gandhi so famously stated, “we must be the change we wish to see in the world.” We must heal within before our external reality can shift.

Why Costa Rica? Why Manuel Antonio?

As a globe trotting educator Amber has produced and led classes, workshops and retreats in several paradise locations over the last 10 years, but nothing captured her heart like Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica. Nowhere did the culture, natural environment, and opportunity to make massive positive impact align with her passion and purpose. After teaching at The Envision Festival 2013 and a post festival retreat she spent the last few days exploring the magical Manuel Antonio National Park jungle and beaches.

She distinctly remembers the deep intrinsic knowing that came over her one gorgeous sunset. A knowing that she belonged there amongst the howler monkeys, aqua marine waves, and lush vibrant jungle. Within 5 months she had packed up her San Francisco city life and landed in paradise. As a lifestyle designer and big dreamer, Amber continually leads by example. Throwing herself into new situations, challenging her own self perceived limits, and taking the action steps necessary to create her own ideal reality. EpicSelf is her channel to help spread the love. A place to empower others to live authentically with passion and purpose.

Manuel Antonio boasts the most bio-diverse national park in the country. Where one can sit amongst the squirrel monkeys and sloths within minutes. It’s ranked in the top two most visited places in all of Costa Rica, drawing over 500,000 world wide visitors each year.

Gorgeous beaches, endless coconuts, five star amenities, blissed out locals and only a short 2.5 hour drive from San Jose attracts people again and again to this gem on the Central Pacific Coast. It’s a place that MUST be preserved for future generations to enjoy immensely.

Amber intends to do everything in her power to educate and motivate the local and global community to protect its magnificence. One way she does this is by support local organic famers and chefs with her productions. As well as, teaching her guests and students how to do the same back home.

As a professional dancer for most of her life, and after witnesses countless transformations with her students and guests, Amber knows the power of cultivating and maintaining a balanced strength and flexibility conditioning program.

Meditation, pilates, yoga and myofascial release are her primary techniques for rapid and long lasting mind-body integration and improvement. Amber and fellow international expert instructors lead fun, creative and mindful fitness classes on retreat.

Amber strongly believes that only through direct immersion in a new way of being, like a retreat or training program, can we reset, evolve into and maintain our highest state of awareness and bliss. What are you waiting for? We are here to catch you.

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