Sitting Kills: This Will Make You Want To Move

How long have you been sitting today? If it’s been more than 30 mins pop up right now and do at least 15 jumping jacks before you read this. Throw in a few side bends and roll downs while you’re at it. Sitting Kills: This will make you want to move.

As a pilates instructor I work diligently with all my clients and classes on posture, breath, and over all alignment. I must sound like a broken record at this point, but poor posture is our modern day epidemic. Humans were meant to move, not sit all day.
The muscles that support our spines, “the core”, must be mobilized, opened and worked everyday to prevent gravity induced shrinkage. Sitting poorly compresses lung capacity, stagnates digestion, slows circulation and even causes death!
Warning: This will make you want to move!  


Over the years I’ve found some fun ways to remind myself and clients to move every 30 mins. Here are a few of my favorites.. 

1.) Turn your treadmill into a desk. Try this handy DIY project 

2.) Build or buy a stand up desk. is a great option, but recycling pieces of wood and making your own would be greener and more fun. You can then add a treadmill under it too. 

3.) Sit on a fit ball instead of a chair and take bouncing breaks. Try my sitting jumping jacks! Sit tall on the ball with feet hip-distance apart, arms at sides. Jump your feet out to the sides as you lift arms overhead, bouncing on ball for momentum, then jump your feet back in while lowering arms. Repeat for 2 minutes.

5.) Use apps and pop up reminders. Wire your computer or phone to make you take a movement break!
Exercise Minder (Windows, free) sits in your taskbar and pops up animated illustrations of exercises that you can do while sitting at your desk such as leg stretches and arm isometrics. You can set the reminder interval anywhere from 5 to 60 minutes.
Time Out (Mac, free) is a download I personally use to set long or micro breaks. It also comes with the awesome “add your own music” feature so you can bliss out to zen tunes or run in place with techno beats.
Break Reminder is yet another popular Mac app from itunes. Can you tell I’m a mac girl?

I hope these resources keep you moving, breathing and creating better than ever this week and beyond! If you want to go more in depth into your own posture, breath and core work download and start practicing my video series.

What are your strategies for taking movement breaks throughout your work day?




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