How many of you are perfectionist out there? I know I’m not the only one who struggles hours longer than everyone else to write the “perfect” blog post, or takes 4 years to actually make his webpage because they were waiting for the “perfect” time.  Perfectionism is  an awful disease to have. I don’t mean disease in the literal sense but more in the sense how it causes dis-ease whenever we refuse to accept anything less than “perfect.”  Perfectionism holds us back in so many ways and limits our ability to do the things we want to do and say the things we want to say. Our so called strive for perfection almost always leaves us more incomplete than if we were to just say what we wanted to say or do what we wanted to do. Now, perfectionism can be a super power in some regards, but it almost always is the source of one’s downfall from being fully self expressed in fulfilling their desires. If your anything like me, I think it is vital to our sense of peace and joy to LET GO of this habitual idea of perfectionism! Here’s why we should stop being perfectionist ASAP…

  1. Perfectionist are Pro Procrastinators. Whether we want to admit it or not as perfectionist we are constantly procrastinating. We say oh I’m waiting for the right words to write that email to my boss, or oh I’m waiting for the right time to ask that cute bartender out on a date. We wait, We wait, we wait…We wait so long for the perfect time that we never actually say or do what we actually desire to do! We are so good at tricking ourselves into thinking there is going to be the perfect time, or the perfect words to say, but you know what…the perfect time is NOW! If we had just acted in the moment of now, who knows we probably would be getting ready for that hot date out at a fancy restaurant because we can actually afford it since we emailed our boss for that raise! You get the idea, there is no perfect time, other than right NOW!
  2.  Perfectionist often get triumphed by the “go-getters.” You know the people who just go after what they want, say what they want, when they want and more times than not actually get what they want! While the perfectionist is still perfecting the perfect words to persuade the contest judges, the Go-getter has already won the darn contest because she was so adamant about getting what she desired. the go-getter just poured her heart out in an instant, rather than trying to craft this perfectly persuasive paragraph. Perfectionist often miss out on the opportunities they care most about because they are way too concerned with a perfect piece than actually just sharing from their heart, which probably would have turned out to be perfect anyway. Poor perfectionist. 🙁
  3. You are already PERFECT! As human beings we are already whole, complete and perfect just the way we are. The problem is instead of being a human “being” we are a human being trying to be perfect. If only we had just stuck to being, all else would have flowed from us! The perfect words to write that essay for that contest we were dying to win. The perfect idea for the your new blog post, or the perfect time to share your hearts desire with your partner. If only the perfectionist would have acknowledged that they are already perfect and that the perfect time is now. Then those silly perfectionist might have there idea of a perfect job or perfect partner. If only if!


Now I do think there is always room for improvement (that would be the perfectionist in me). But I don’t think we should allow this idea of perfect to hold us back from being fully self expressed and going after the things we want in life with such a burning fire. We need to find the balance between using the perfectionism as our super power, and letting go of our need to be perfect. This will allow us to be fully aware of our actions and words, so we are able to analyze and criticize, but only so much to the point that we avoid that paralyzation we often face as perfectionist. So embrace your perfectionism because you are already perfect and the perfect time is NOW! So what have you been dying to do or say to someone? GET UP and DO IT. THE TIME IS NOW!