Stop Chasing Money and Start Chasing Richness

When I was in graduate school, most of the conversations I had were promotions, pay grades, and making more money. It was never about our passions or why we had picked the program we had picked but rather how our degree would help us get the next pay increase. Our identities weren’t about what made us people or what made our life rich, but the number of zeros on our yearly income.


Admittedly, I got caught up in this. It wasn’t until a trip to Northern Kenya three years later where I got a major wake up call and realized my life wasn’t just about my paycheck and that my career wasn’t just about making money. It was about being intentional, being impact, and living a rich life.


For many of us of us, realizing that living the rich life means more than making a lot of money is a transformational experience. It inspires us to make a change. Yes, money is important and we should be financially smart in our decisions, but our bank accounts don’t define us. Our collection of  quality experiences, knowledge, and thoughts makes us rich.


In working towards the rich life, I found myself wanting to get rich now! Here are some steps I took to start growing my life bank account.


1. Do work that enriches your life
While still employed, I sought out new career options and was able to find new positions working for organizations doing work I loved and was passionate about. I loved some more than others, but by working in new sectors doing innovative work, I was able to do impactful work for socially conscious companies and travel while doing it. These opportunities fueled me to want to do more, which increased my productivity and gave me more opportunities at work.


2. Defining my strengths and selling them
Organizations focused on both the bottom dollar and social impact exist and are looking for great talent. These organizations are usually innovative and are looking for people with vast backgrounds. Your experience doesn’t have to match a job description exactly. Talk about your strengths, your accomplishments and why you are a lynchpin. Explain how you can support their mission and grow their impact.


3. The after 9-5 life
For some of us our work life meets our professional needs and that is totally fine! But don’t forget there is an entire life outside your 9-5. Volunteering, hosting meet-ups, going to events, trying new exercises, cooking new foods, and working on personal development are all ways to enrich your life. As you develop and grow your work will grow as well.


4. Travel
Travel is a constant in my life. There is so much that you can take from your travels and apply to your life. And, you don’t need a plane ticket to make it happen! Maybe mark a new place within 90 minutes of home and plan a day trip. Or find a great group to travel with if you are worried about solo travel. You will eat new foods, get lost, and see new sites – all things that are sure to enrich your life.


5. Love
Love is the strongest currency. Love yourself, love your life, love your body, and love those closest to you. No one has ever said “I have enough love in my life”. Keep opening your heart and allow good to flow in.


You can grow rich today! You just need to do one action to start your account. You don’t have to do anything more than tell yourself I love you, or start a new hobby, or read a new book to start enriching your life and growing your win personal life bank account.


I’d love to talk to you about how you plan to become rich!





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