Superfood Vegan Barre Giveaway

Do you remember back in June I spent a weekend in Denver at the Fitness and Health Blogger Conference? The zumba pictures and insane tweeting and instagraming ring a bell? One of the many highlights of the weekend was connecting with passionate fitness bloggers like Bobbi from Inhershoes and Kasey from PowerCakes.

 Once Kasey learned I was a raw vegan dancer she turned me on to her friend Julia’s superfood bars.
Julia and Aaron are professional ballet dancers from Pittsburg who, like me, battled with fueling their bodies with proper nutrition. Disappointed with the heavily processed, junk filled energy bars on the market, they traded their leotards for aprons and whipped up a real food bar packed with superfoods.
Their bars help them maintain the peak level of performance necessary for ballet’s unique marriage of athleticism and artistry.
Barre is real food for real athletes, for real world people, providing sustained energy for performance: from the studio, to the stage, to the daily grind. Adorable names like Piroutte Cinnamon Pecan, Black Swan Chocolate Berry, and Spirulina Ballerina make me smile ear to ear.
They are free of common allergens like soy and wheat, 100% vegan and high in omega 3’s.
As a diehard algae lover I had to try the Spirulina Ballerina. I was elated to find the bar moist straight out of the package, dark green, perfectly sweet, hearty with hemp, and melt in your mouth awesome. I wasn’t hungry for at least 4 hours afterward.
As Julia explains, “When I set out to create Barre I did so to address my exacting needs as a dancer: it had to fuel me without weighing me down, it had to be sustaining yet easy to digest with the proper mix of nutrients, it had to contain only the finest all-natural whole foods, and, of course, it had to taste sublime.
Basically, it had to be just right. I knew I had to share these bliss bars and am elated to offer a goody bag from Real Food Barre to you!

Enter to win a box of 12 Spirulina Ballerina Barres and other cool swag from Julia and Aaron by doing one or all of the following. The more you spread the love, the better your chances of winning. 
1.) Like Real Food Barre on facebook and follow on twitter.
2.) Answer this question on my facebook wall:
What is spirulina? How will it help you in your athletic endeavors and mental clarity? Why is it important to support small companies who focus on high integrity plant based whole food products? Bonus points if you mention Monsanto! 😀
3.) Like on facebook and follow on twitter.
4.) Send in a Barre Request Form to your local health food store so they’ll stock Julia and Aaron’s amazing treats. I already sent one in to my neighborhood Whole Foods and co-op. I can’t wait to see them on the shelves!
5.) Tweet the following: I entered to win a box of 12 Spirulina Ballerina Barres and more from @realfoodbarre and you can too- via @epicself
I’ll post the winner on Monday July 29th, 2012 at 8am. May the best social media maven win!
For those of you who can’t wait to taste a Barre before the contest ends, get free shipping on one or more boxes with this code: SUMMERCOURSE
Growing up as a dancer, and even today, I’m engulfed in my peers eating disorders and poor food choices. I’ve battled to hold my ground in an industry where the pressure to be thin with superhuman athleticism sadly alters many young minds. I made a decision back in high school that I wouldn’t let a company director, or anyone for that matter, pressure me into hurting my body. So, you can imagine my excitement when I found such a devoted couple on a mission to empower dancers through nutrition.
Please support them!




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