The Power Of Rhythm

Editor’s note: This is a guest post from Carl Nelson, the Dance Nomad!
The world is full of rhythm; of cycles which mark the passage of time; of notes which propel dancers; of beats which pump blood through our veins; of patterns which organize our life.
Understanding rhythm isn’t a trick that only some people are born with; your body already makes and follows its own rhythms.All you have to do is tap into them, make time to understand them, and then you recognize rhythms all around you.

The Origins of Rhythm

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It’s posited that an understanding of rhythm is built into our biology.A conjunction of a series of internal clocks and cycles,a fight or flight response to understanding the footfalls of another creature, and a method for understanding time; rhythm isa faculty like reason or language.
Natural rhythms developed into music and dance separate from the creation of language.They were used to tell stories, evoke feelings, and bond communities.Today, the inclusion of dance and music as a significant part of daily life is lost, and as such rhythm is lost or at the least, a specialized skill belonging to musicians and dancers.

The Many Rhythms in Our Lives

We have many rhythms in our lives, from the internal cycles of our body, to the rise and fall of speech patterns, to cycles of productivity and creation.
Take a moment to understand the rhythms of your body – listen in to them, reflect on them.
Body Rhythms

  • Heartbeat
  • Circadian
  • Breath
  • Hunger
  • Focus
  • Sleep

Take a moment to understand the rhythms of your life – observe them, reflect on them.
Life Rhythms

  • Productivity
  • Creativity
  • Social
  • Work
  • Relationship

Once you learn to look for rhythms in your body andlife, you can start to understand them and see how they influence you.

The Power of Rhythm

Aligning our bodies and minds with these rhythms and changing rhythms which do not fit within our lives gives us the opportunity to emphasize the peaks and deal with the lows.We are no longer unconscious actors influenced by tides we do not see, instead we can learn to ride the ebb and flow.

“Life is like dancing. If we have a big floor, many people will dance. Some will get angry when the rhythm changes. But life is changing all the time.”

~ Miguel Angel Ruiz

Learn not just to live but to dance life.

Do you flow with life’s rhythms? How can you flow with more ease starting today?

Carl is a passionate dance marketing and creative coach for dancers and movement artists at The Dance Nomad. Pick his innovative brain on twitter @carlnelson or subscribe to his RSS.




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