The biggest drinking night of the year is upon us! Undoubtedly there will be millions of people hungover tomorrow, unless of course we take care of ourselves tonight. When we down too many glasses of champagne we lose essential vitamins, minerals and drain our cells of vital water. Luckily there are several natural hangover cures (basically vitamin packets) that will prevent or lessen the wrath of any hangover you do get. Here are some awesome natural fixes to try tonight.
First let’s start with your choice of drink:
Champagne: The bubbly has been known to cause horrendous hangovers (at least in my case) in large part due to sulfites. Sulfites are naturally occurring in all wines, but most wines have extra added for preservation. Organic champagnes have no added sulfites and therefor lighten the impact of a hangover. Try these:

Now onto the kicker, those natural hangover fixes:

  • EmergenC or Airborne: These two are packed with tons of vitamins including those essential B’s. Works everytime… I like to take two with plenty of water before I hit the sack. Better yet, both can be found at any drug or convenience store.
  • Ola Loa: Tasty vitamin packets with electrolytes to help you rehydrate ($34/30 packets).
  • Jigsaw Activated B w/SRT: This sustained-release formula replaces the vitamin B your body loses when you drink ($30/120 caplets).
  • Nature’s Way Opuntia: Contains prickly pear extract, which helps minimize inflammation – one reason we get hangovers ($20/100 caplets).
  • Hangover Helper- Fight Back: The Artichoke and sarsaparilla extract in this little packet helps the body deal with alcohol and protect the liver ($15).

Helpful Strategies:
1. Stick with one type of alcohol all night: Mixing types of liquor especially is a garaunteed hangover. Any cocktails with sugary syrups will do the same in large quantities.

2. Drink water: Stay hydrated by sipping on water inbetween drinks. It might take you longer to feel a buzz, but your body will thank you tomorrow.

3. Sleep: The best way to avoid a hangover is to sleep through it! Let’s just hope it’s not in your friends tub.
I hope everyone has a kick ass time tonight and wakes up feeling better off than last year.Happy New Year!
Source: Ideal Bite