Top 10 Insights from my Ayahuasca Journey


  • The world is made up of energy, and we are all connected by this energy. All of the “tangible” things we see with our eyes are illusions of sorts — they are collections of vibrations rather than firm substances.


  • The light energy inside of us is connected to the spirit dimension, where all kinds of spirits dwell. This connection to spirit can be strengthened by keeping the energy pathways along the chakras free of any blockages and by maintaining physical and mental health. I have found that a regular yoga practice, clean eating, and sustainable living all help to keep my connection to spirit strong.


  • The spirit dimension communicates with us on a daily basis through our Higher Self, which sends messages through our intuition. We can train ourselves to be more in tune with intuition by opening our hearts and learning to listen. “Gut instinct” is another word for intuition, and often occurs instantaneously – in the blink of an eye – before our ego brain takes over with thoughts, judgments, and interpretations.


  • The light energy of the universe is made of unconditional love, but there is an equal and opposite force of dark energy, and the light and dark are constantly opposing each other. The spirits dwelling in that realm can be either kind or malicious, good or evil. When we sit in an ayahuasca ceremony, we open ourselves up this this world and create a portal to the spirit dimension, so it is extremely important that we protect ourselves and sit with a shaman who works in the light and knows how to set up protections. No evil can enter the sacred space once it has been consecrated and the divine presence of God – who is love, truth, justice, goodness, life, and prosperity – has been called upon.


  • Everyone is loved by God, and there is nothing we can do wrong in this life; there are only lessons to be learned and karma to live out over ongoing incarnations. Ayahuasca has the power to help us purge and cleanse our bodies of negative energies and traumas built up in this life and throughout past lives.


  • Modern technology, western medicine, and synthetic substances block us from connecting to spirit because they are made of non-organic materials. Drugs like anti-depressants and alcohol completely disconnect us from connecting with our Higher Self and intuition; they block the light energy from flowing freely through our bodies.


  • Our thoughts are made up of the same energy of the universe, and therefore send out vibrations. Because of this we can manifest things and turn our thoughts into reality. There are certain places in the world which act as “vortexes” of energy where it is easier to manifest our thoughts and intentions, and Costa Rica is one of these places…possibly because of the abundance of nature and limited “modern” technology.


  • God can heal us of physical ailments and sickness through this light energy which makes up the universe. We can open ourselves up to this by sitting in ceremony and keeping our bodies as clean as possible.


  • Everything happens exactly as it should. We are all perfect, the Higher Self is God in us. Events unfold in a connected pattern which we may not understand, but has a purpose. Sometimes the same thing may happen over and over until a certain lesson is learned.


  • The spirit dimension is infinite, without space or time. The power of God is infinite, and the realm of possibilities is infinite. Humans are held back by our finite bodies and limited minds. We can open ourselves up to infinite possibilities through meditation, by expanding our third eye, which is connected to spirit and intuition.




About the Author:

Nicole is a certified yoga instructor and holistic health coach specializing in Bulletproof nutrition and biohacking techniques. She personally used the Bulletproof lifestyle to recover from severe autoimmune disease and a lifetime of systemic inflammation. Read more about her passion work on
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