Transform: Guppy or Dolphin?

The heat is rising. Time to jump in the deep end. Whether you yearn to float among the kelp in emerald rolling waves, shred through chlorine in a fierce water polo match, or escape from Alcatraz, pilates can transform any guppy into a dolphin.
Strength, grace, efficiency, speed, and flexibility epitomize a dolphins effortless style.

Take all your swimming endeavors to dolphin status by targeting the deep core and stabilizing muscle groups.
By tapping into your supportive muscle groups, aligning the body, and building that mind/body connection, you can harness their power mid swim. Follow along for three quick pilates mat exercises you can do pre and post splash.
How do you feel?
Vid Quiz: Have your heard or played underwater hockey? Where did I shoot this clip? What gear do underwater hockey players utilize?
Side note and convo: The guys were ridiculously curious why I was “standing on my head on the pool deck.”…
Dude: “what were you doing?!”
Me: “just some pilates mat. You should try!”
Dude: “ya right. That $#*% looks so hard!”




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