Turning Dreams into Your Reality

Greetings Dear Ones!


This is Jacob here and I want to share with you my journey through the Epic Living Fellowship Program guided by the Amazing Amber Zuckswert & Ninja Daniel Finnerty. Just to give you an inside scoop of what it looks and feels like to be a part of this miraculous program to see if it may be a fit for you and your life. It's all about turning dreams into your reality.


First off this fellowship was exactly what I was seeking in life and has been nothing short of miraculous! Before i came out here in paradise, I was just going through the motions in life back at home in Philadelphia. Life was good; I had a decent job, was teaching a few yoga classes and had a nice place to live. At the time my imagination was filled with visions and ideas of how I could enhance my sense of passion and purpose. The problem was I had these dreams trapped inside my mind for almost 4 years! I Knew it was time for me to step into my power and make changes.


So I sucked it up and wrote an application to Amber and Daniel to join them in the Epic Living Academy. Fortunately, I was accepted and a few months later found myself in paradise ready to catapult into the dreams I had envisioned for so long. I am now just few days away from closing out my fellowship & am fully confident in my ability to share my passion and purpose with this world and make a successful business out of it when I return home to Philly!


Let me share with you my experience...the Challenges, Highlights & Biggest Lessons I've learned over these short yet POWERFUL 30 days!


  • This program was no walk in the park. I mean you really have to be ready to stop dreaming and start doing! Before this program I was plagued by perfectionism and procrastination. Luckily there is no time for that here. From the challenges of writing blogs under a time constraint, I am now able to express my feelings with precision and velocity, something we all need in this fast-paced modern day world. Thankya Lord, and Amber & Daniel of course!
  • But this program isn't just all about hard work. During the extent of these 30 days I was able to check off some things on my bucket list which include...walking through the rainforest seeing animals like a sloth's and wild monkies (watchout those little guys will snatch your phone right out your pocket!) I was able to visit captivating beaches and giant waterfalls I only once saw on Instagram. I went Standup Paddle boarding in the turquoise waters of a cove, practiced yoga while over looking massive rock formations emerging from the ocean tides. Just to name a FEW! 🙂
  • I was encouraged to transform my awful eating habits into a more plant/vegatable based diet. Coming from a guy who never ate a salad in his life before (true story), and stuffed his face with greasy cheesesteaks and pizza for lunch everyday. I may have slipped up on my diet with a falafel or two (SHHH! don't tell Amber) but now I hardly think of the junk I was eating before this program. Its all green smoothie bowls and vegetables for me now, maaaybe with a side of free range grass fed chicken from time to time. All in all, the nutritional diet I endured was such a monumental shift for me and my health & well being!
  • Over all the biggest Lesson I will be walking away with from the Epic Living Academy is something I touched lightly on; the ability to stop dreaming and START DOING! This world is waiting for your EPIC entrepreneurial ideas and visions. But they will never get to experience them if you spend 4 years like I did waiting for the right time, the right words. The time is NOW,  and it always has been! I am now fully aware of that and committed to my life purpose and dreams I have for myself and this world.


Because of The Epic Living Academy Fellowship I now have the critical tools and confidence to take the dreams in my imagination and apply them to my life to be a part of the solutions for my personal evolution. I also have the vital training to turn these hidden treasures into a valuable service for the entire world around me.


I can't thank Epicself enough for their rock solid guidance! I am eternally grateful and HIGHLY recommend this program to anyone who is SERIOUS about transforming themselves and their dreams into a life they LOVE.


So what are you waiting for...Contact Amber and Daniel and get Started... http://www.epicself.com




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