You Are Eating Mutant Food: #1 GMO Expert Delivers

Published on 04-Dec-2011 by Amber |

You Are Eating Mutant Food: #1 GMO Expert Delivers What would you do if you discovered you were sterile, or cancer sprouted up all over your body? I don't mean to alarm you, but we are eating genetically engineered whole foods everyday that contribute to these health issues. 

I sat down with Jeffrey Smith, the #1 leading expert on GMO's, for a rapid fire download of the latest research. In our three part interview, Jeffrey outlines the human health and planetary repercussions of munching bioengineered food, teaches us how to avoid GMO's, and arms us with the necessary action steps to pass GMO labeling legislation. 

Let's get right to it! Jeffrey opens with some of the horrifying science and dangers of eating mutant crop.


In segment two he breaks down how we, as consumers, can take action with our spending dollars. Jeffrey points us to free buying guides and lists the top 7 foods to completely avoid. A must watch. Protect yourself and family.


Jeffrey then breaks down why GMO's are still not labeled or banned in the US and what steps we can take to push beyond the current tipping point in legislation. 


Thank you Jeffrey for your wealth of information and resources! 

For more in-depth information check out his main website and best selling books. I especially adore 10 Reasons To Avoid GMO'S

A special shout out to Earth Balance and Green Festival for connecting us. 

We are on the brink of massive change and I plan to help in anyway I can. More specifically, as soon as the bill gets placed on the ballot in California I will be helping collect signatures and spread the awareness.

  Vote with your dollars beginning today!