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Yoga Teacher Training Costa Rica

An excellent Yoga teacher can have an incredible impact on their students! They can elevate and inspire them while teaching them to relax and rejuvenate. However, the teacher can even help them break down old beliefs and mental barriers, raising their spirits to a new level.

If you want to become an incredible Yoga teacher, it is not enough to possess knowledge and skills. You must go further, achieving being that entity that connects its students with energy. Although there is no specific profile of the "ideal teacher", there are some qualities that all the great teachers share. It is essential that you know these characteristics, which you can develop in our Epic Yoga teacher training in Costa Rica.

7 Qualities of a Great Yoga Teacher

  1. Connects With All the Students

The great teachers can give a class to a group of 30 students with the same quality as a group of 5. They have the ability that everyone can connect with them. No matter the personality, they must reach everyone, even the shyest or newest.

  1. Excellent Verbal Skill

The voice of the Yoga teacher is perhaps one of the most powerful characteristics. Must have the ability to get the student to develop the posture correctly just talking. The voice must be secure, but at the same time harmonious and clear.

  1. They Do not Brag

A real teacher does not give the class to feed their ego. Understand that the job is to make it easier for others to reach their level, or even beyond. For them, the important thing is to share their experience and their love for Yoga, and encourage them in their students.

  1. Love and Respect Yoga

Yoga is a holistic work of mind, body, and spirit. It is precisely this that makes it much more than a stretching exercise. A true master manages to find the balance between the physical and the mystical. Their love for this millenary science is what will inspire those same feelings in those who follow them.

  1. Generate Trust

If the teacher manages to generate 100% confidence with their students, they will be able to get them out of their comfort zone. This will allow their followers to test their physical, mental and spiritual limits.

  1. Learn and Share the Knowledge

The great masters are students of Yoga. They do not teach the students, but they do show their full knowledge of what they do. Also, they can educate about the physical benefits of postures. They can even offer alternatives to those students who have an impairment, illness or disability.

  1. Share Their Light

Perhaps the most crucial point of all. An amazing Yoga teacher is a beacon of light and willingly will share that light with everyone around. This will make your class an exceptional place to be.

Do You Want to Be that Beacon of Extraordinary Light?

If you are ready to share your love for Yoga with others, Epic invites you to our Yoga teacher training in Costa Rica. Let us help you develop not only your skills but learn the ancestral knowledge of the great masters. Also, in this all-inclusive package you will learn how to feed your body, your mind, and your spirit, to become that beacon of light for your students. Contact us.

Yoga Teacher Training Costa Rica

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Yoga Teacher Training Costa Rica

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