Every year as the 4th of July rolls around we find ourselves prepping for massive rooftop BBQ’s, smuggling illegal fireworks in from Mexico, and concocting a beach ball size bowl of potato salad. Independence day celebrations are hard to beat.

 But, let us not forget what this glorious day is all about. Freedom.

Though we still have many civil rights issues to solve, Americans hold more rights then the vast majority of other nations. Are you using them to your advantage?
Here are 4 ways to gain more freedom:

1.) Build your own online business: Screw the man and build your own. There is a ton of information out there on how to escape the 9-5 and create the lifestyle of your dreams. Lifestyle design by definition. Use your passions to brainstorm business ideas. Maybe a fashion boutique is in the cards or perhaps you’ll do what I have and build an online business so you can travel the world for the rest of your life. The possibilities are endless. It just takes realizing that those options are available to each and everyone one of us and acting. There are enough followers, what this world needs is more leaders.

2.) Practice Mindfulness for 20 mins: Free yourself from your mind. It’s endless babbling and stress won’t phase you if you blissfully quiet it for a short period of time everyday. Once you get into a daily practice you’ll crave those thoughtless moments and interject more of them into your day.

3.) Take Your Vacation Time: Two to four weeks off a year is complete madness. If this is your current situation I hope you practice #2 above and at least take the time you are given. I can’t tell you how many people I know save their vacation time in exchange for a little more money at the end of the year. Honestly, do you feel that is living? Giving up your precious time for money. How important is money in the grand scheme of things? You and only you decide the value of your money. Is buying a new car every year, or partying every weekend important when it could be better spent on soaking in the rest of life? Decide what is more important to you.

4.) Plan A Day For Wandering: Be a traveler for a day. Set one day a week where you have no plans, no to-do’s and can just have a good wander. Step outside in the morning and see where the day leads you. The unknown is exhilarating. We just need to get used to it.
Though I won’t be home for the celebrations I wish everyone a fantastic 4th! We are truly blessed to be born on American soil, so use those rights. I’ll be sipping some champagne and BBQ-ing with some fellow expatriates down under.
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