The Plan

Eight years ago there was a girl who lived in Moscow. She was 19 years old and she was studying foreign languages in the university in the center of the city. That girl didn’t think about a Dream Lifestyle. Instead she had a rational and a very reliable plan: to graduate, to find a stable company to work with and supposedly to be happy while doing all that. Well, that girl was me and that plan never happened.

The Life-Changing Trip

A year later, upon my graduation, with English, Spanish and Italian languages at my disposal, I decided to embark on my first solo adventure. I went to the US. I meant to spend there only three months while working and exploring the country. Little did I know that that decision would change my life forever. Three months became seven years… and counting! My big move created that fire in me, that passion for traveling and thirst for knowledge that I had never had before. And so it began.

Since then I have lived in 3 cities within the US: Miami, Los Angeles and San Francisco. I changed hundreds of jobs from working at a restaurant till guiding 40+ foreign students group tours. Each moment I was on a lookout for my dream job that would lead to my dream lifestyle. To be honest, all those experiences were great. I am grateful for each and one of them but none of them gave me that fulfillment I was always looking for.

Do What You Love

While hustling for every dollar I was always doing some creative projects on the side like photo editing and graphic design. I loved working with images so naturally I got involved in taking photos myself. Photography gave me a new life prospective! I did all types of photos: portrait, wedding, event, company, jewelry, real estate – you name it! The one type that really resonated with me was the Travel Photography. I believe that the only thing that is as precious as an adventure is a memory that is left after the adventure is over.

I have traveled to a dozens of countries so far, speaking English, Russian, Spanish, Italian, French, Thai, Arabic and photographing amazing places and people. As grateful as I was to all those possibilities and as happy as I was during each trip, I knew that every time I would need to come back to San Francisco. I had to earn money, save up and wait until I have a possibility for a new adventure. That system didn’t work for me because I wanted to travel non-stop and always have money to do it. I needed to change my life to make my dream come true.

The Infinite Question

How can you make money on traveling? I didn’t know the answer. There was one thing I knew for sure: changes never happened over night. As many dream lifestyle success stories out there, mine started with questioning the system we lived in. I couldn’t accept the “traditional” way of the society’s existence: 9-5, Monday to Friday work schedule, location “dependent”, a fixed amount of pay, almost no time for traveling and no allowance for creativity. I decided to make my own “system” where freedom, creation and personal growth would be essential part of my everyday life.

The Ultimate Answer

One wise Buddhist proverb states: “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear”. I needed guidance, advice and directions on how to grow my business based on my new lifestyle. The moment I knew what I needed, the perfect opportunity presented itself. I came across the EpicSelf fellowship in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica that offered just what I asked for and much more. The program is focused not only on education and business training. It also offered body/mind detoxing and clarifying through vegan meals and daily yoga and pilates sessions. I will also benefit from personal awakening through sacred plant medicine. This magical mix transforms you. It gives you a new, clear vision of yourself and the your mission in this world.

During this month a lot will change. My mind will be clear, my soul will be freed from stress and my body will become light and healthy. The business of my dreams will be formed and launched as my energy and passion will power it every step of the way. Even right this second my life is changing as I am writing these words. I am open to every magnificent change, big or small. No matter how fast the process is, the most important is always moving forward.


Thank you for this amazing opportunity! It came at a right moment from a wonderful source. There is a lot to be done and I am happy & excited not only about the result but also about each and every moment of the process!

Success Stories

What is your dream lifestyle? How did you achieve it?