Nature is my medicine and my religion.

When Notre Dame caught fire, the world media covered every moment of it, and billionaires rushed to restore it.

Right now the Amazon rainforest is burning at record rates. The forest that provides 20% of the world’s oxygen AND the same forest that absorbs and holds megatons of carbon that humans pump into the atmosphere.

It’s been burning for 3 weeks. NO media coverage. NO billionaires.

Earlier this month, Brazil declared a state of emergency over the rising number of fires. So far this year, almost 73,000 fires have been detected. That marks an 83% increase from 2018 and the highest number on record since 2013.

What’s causing these fires?

During the dry season in the Amazon, the government used to allow only a limited number of  “controlled burns”.

The Prime Minister of Brazil has radically reduced the restrictions since taking office, and these “controlled burns,” done by ranchers and farmers are now clearly out of control.

The Prime Minister is pure evil in my eyes. Willing to rape and pillage the Amazon for profit with no regret for the devastation left in his wake.

This problem doesn’t just threaten the indigenous people, flora, and fauna that call the jungle home.

This is a MASSIVE problem for humanity and all life on Earth.

How can you help save the Amazon and the Earth?

  • Donate to Amazon Watch and other amazing organizations on the front lines of the fight.
  • Stop buying products that are grown or raised in the Amazon by big agribusinesses. Cattle ranchers cause the most damage to the rainforest.
  • Write to and call your representatives. Make your voice heard.
  • Vote for leaders who will protect and replenish what is left of our natural world. We are in a climate crisis, and they must take action NOW.
  • Share this post and get the word out. Corrupt people in power control the mass media networks.
  • Plant as many trees as you can.
  • Pray for a mass awakening of humanity. May we realize how self-destructive we are before it’s too late.

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We are all in this together my loves. What we do to nature we do to ourselves. Let me know your thoughts on this situation and how you want to help!