Happy August and buenos dias from Rancho La Puerta!

I have so much to share with you this week, but first…How are YOU? How is your body? Where are your thoughts on this fabulous Monday? What is your breath like this moment?
I specifically love Monday’s because they represent new beginnings and endless possibility.
Who knows what amazing people and experiences will manifest this week for all of us! I typically spend my Sunday’s prepping for the week ahead. Laundry, grocery shopping, intention setting and client scheduling.
What are your intentions for this day or week? Write it down and check it often.
This week I’m waking up to the birds, heat and energetic guests of Rancho La Puerta. I fly down once per month to teach pilates, yoga and dance, lead hikes to their massive organic garden, and other specialty classes. I can’t believe I’ve had the opportunity to retreat every month for almost a year and a half. The ranch is the yin to the yang of San Francisco. A much needed break in the chaos of life in tech city. Within the first few hours of settling into my casita I typically pass
out and dream. The energy vortexes nestled in the surrounding canyons instantly ground and calm me after three weeks of living under 30+ wifi networks in SF.
I sleep like a baby here and bound out of bed at 6am to scale the mountain with the rest of the guests. This morning ritual is one of my favorite parts of visiting the ranch. Morning rituals and routines can make or break your energy for the day.
What does your morning consist of? Meditation, yoga asana and breath work even for 5-10 mins after a night of deep sleep is ideal. Breathing is obviously essential to life, but do you know how it effects your nervous system, moods and thoughts? Check out my twitter feed to read my most recent rambling on breath, heart health, and reducing stress. Stress leads to weight gain and emotional turmoil. Smoothing and balancing your inhales and exhales could be your missing link.
Breath is the most important part of any pilates or yoga practice. It’s how I kick off every private, class, workshop or retreat. Two weeks ago Bethanne and I had the pleasure of leading 15 guests through our Superfood Detox Pilates Yoga day workshop. We have another day of bliss scheduled for September 15th, so you have another chance taste and experience our specialties before our 3-day all inclusive retreat in October.
The next few months are packed with fun workshops, potlucks and amazing guest speakers. World renowned Dr. Gabriel Cousens is lecturing in the bay in early October. I highlighted a few of the stellar events below, but check my meet-up main page for the full list.
For those of you still curious about what I eat, and how I train my body, mind and spirit, join the 1,000+ @epicself followers on Instagram. I post about 2-3 times per day. Meals, pilates videos, inspirational quotes and wellness tips galore.
Last, but not least I have an awesome giveaway for you this week! Oxylent is offering a huge prize package of their award winning multi-vitamin drinks with stevia.
Oxylent is made from the highest quality ingredients, providing healthy levels of key vitamins and antioxidants in their most bioavailable form, as well as delivering important minerals, amino acids, and enzymes.
OXYGENATES: The enzymes, SOD and catalase, work together to promote the conversion of toxins into oxygen and water.
HYDRATES: Important electrolytes control the balance of fluid in the body. They are also important for muscle and nerve function, blood pressure, movement of nutrients into the cells, and the removal of waste product from the cells.
CIRCULATES: The amino acid L-Arginine promotes healthy blood flow, which significantly improves circulation.
REJUVENATES: A full range of B vitamins support adrenal health, and immune and nervous systems. Powerful antioxidants in the form of CoQ10, vitamin C, bioflavonoids and are also included.*
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It’s Ashram week at the ranch and the breakfast bell just rang. I’m off to meditate, eat, dance and sweat through tabata intervals. Have an incredible week!
Smile and breathe. You are here. 


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