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  • What Fears Hold You Back

What Fears Are Holding you Back?

I get it, being an entrepreneur is scary business. There are many fears we face in whatever we do, but we cannot forget to ask ourselves which of those fears is holding us back: The [...]

  • Amber & JP Podcast

New Podcast! A Heart to Heart with JP Sears

Our new podcast just dropped! JP and I are always leveling up our communication skills so we can navigate the uncomfortable and difficult moments with more grace and ease every time they occur. Our relationship [...]

  • Be Your Own Light

Be Your Own Light

Even on the darkest of days, you must be your own light. Happiness and complete peace exist now in your heart and breath. Limitless love and acceptance constantly radiate from your spirit. It’s your thoughts, [...]

  • Boundaries

I Am Pro-Choice, Not Pro-Abortion

When I was first sexually active in my late teens, birth control was something my mom helped me understand. I knew that preventing an unwanted pregnancy was very important to my future and that if [...]

  • How the universe brought me my love, JP

Discovering the Love We Deserve

We ACCEPT the love we think we DESERVE. THIS concept took me years to digest and integrate into changed behavior. For many many years, I found myself playing out patterns and cycles in my relationships [...]

  • Feel Your Fear. Serve.

How I Serve My Clients

A friend recently asked me about my purpose and how I serve my clients. I responded without hesitation: "I’m not here to do shallow shit." I am m not here to play in the shallow [...]

  • Boundaries

Set your boundaries and act on them!

The only people who will be upset about your boundaries are those who benefit from you having none. Read that again. How you choose to honor your space, time, and energy with clear boundaries directly [...]

  • Feel

Let Yourself Feel

Today I was overcome with emotion. Tears and heartache that I couldn’t push down no matter how hard I tried. I’m allowing myself to feel all the feels as I navigate the new chapter I [...]

  • Break Limiting Beliefs

Pave Your Own Path

Stop asking people who have never been where you want to go for directions to YOUR path. How many times in your life have you reached out for guidance or support only to be told [...]

  • Make-up & Beauty

Self-Love & Make-up

I recently received a question about self-love and it’s correlation to wearing make-up and using filters. I’d LOVE to share my thoughts to start an empowering dialogue. First and foremost, I strongly believe that we [...]

I Won’t Apologize for Me

I won’t apologize for who I am and how I express myself. I’m not here for your approval. I won’t dim my light to make you feel more comfortable. And I hope you won’t either. [...]

  • Leap of Faith

Take That Leap of Faith

Take the leap and figure it out on the way down. Light a fire under your own butt to do the things you’ve been meaning and dreaming to do. If you wait until you are [...]

  • New Year, New Epic Self!

Home is Where the Heart Is

Where is home for you? What makes a home feel like home? It took me years to learn this for myself, to realize home was more than a place, and it was more than a certain [...]

  • Be comfortable in your own skin

Feel Comfortable in Your Own Skin

I will not bow down, hide, or mute myself to help others feel more comfortable in their own skin. Occasionally, I receive negative comments or emails about my posts. They say I shouldn’t show so [...]

  • Break Out of your Limiting Beliefs

How to Break Out of your Limiting Beliefs

What limiting beliefs are holding you back? You are the ultimate creator of your life. Stop giving your power away to external forces. You are responsible for the life you have created for yourself. You [...]

  • Be Your Purpose Driven Self and Love Will Find a Way

Be Yourself and Love Will Find a Way

Years ago I dreamed of meeting a partner who I could share my globe-trotting, unconventional lifestyle with. At the time, I was SO happy doing my own thing as a single female entrepreneur. I was [...]

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