Do you spend all your time before that special vacation getting that beach body and then dreading coming home and getting on your scale?

We work so hard getting in our workout routine, our favourite pants and the bikini we’ve been waiting to get into and then as soon as we get to the beach it’s margarita and pina coladas, which doesn’t take long to get to your waist line.

Here are 3 Tips to stay in shape during your holidays so you don’t have to feel guilty about indulging!

    1. Skip public transport!  Here in Costa Rica the bus is only 360 colones, which is very cheap. It is also less than a 10 minute ride to the beach which gets you there quite fast but you miss the beautiful scenery along the way. Skip the bus and hike down to the beach, it may take 25 minutes to get there but the amazing pictures and leg workout you get will be more than worth it. Not to mention you’re also saving money. Once you get down to the beach you get to jump in the ocean and cool off.


    1. Well now that you’ve arrived at the ocean you have the perfect jungle gym! Did you know swimming both builds strength and counts as cardio? So much that in only 30 minutes of swimming you could burn 300 calories doing a front crawl. I’d say it’s time to get in the water. The best was to swim in the ocean is to get past the waves and then swim your laps parallel to the beach so you’re not swallowing the water.

      Bonus: Swimming is easy on your joints so you won’t feel the impact as much as you did on your hike down. But I promise if you work hard enough you’ll be feeling it tomorrow. The best part is you won’t even break a sweat!


  1. Ok, now that you’ve cooled off, here are five great full body exercises to keep your heart pumping that you don’t need any equipment for:

Burpees (10)
Easier said then done- Begin standing, In one fluid movement squat down, place your hands on the ground and push back into a plank, hop your feet right by your hands and use your energy to explode into a jump with your arms up.

Squats (15)
These will help get you that beach booty! Separate your feet about shoulder distance, wider is easier for those who find this difficult. Look straight ahead as you squat down while keeping your abs engaged and knees in lined with your feet.

Bicycle (20 each side)
Find a spot on the beach in the shade to lay down because these will make you sweat! Lay down in the sand(or on your towel), lift your legs so they’re in a table top position and engage you abdominals as you curl up supporting your head with your hands. Now simultaneously move your right elbow to your left knee while straightening your right leg. Hold then switch sides.

Push-up (10)
Since you’re already on the ground turn over, place your hands shoulder width apart and place your feet so you are in a plank position. Engage your full body and keep one straight line as you lower to the floor and push yourself back up.

Walking Lunges (10 each leg)
Begin standing with feet shoulder width apart. As you step forward with one leg, drop your knee of the opposite leg but keep it above the ground. The front leg should be engaged and your front knee above the foot, to switch legs push off with the back foot and repeat. Do this on the water line if you want to add extra resistance.

Complete these 5 exercises in a row without a break. Not feeling the burn? Take a minute and repeat the process!

Now you’re able to sit back, relax and enjoy your stay at the beach and go home with a beautiful tan looking better than ever!