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  • Core activation

Deep Core Activation Routine

Kick off your weekend with some deep core activation! Join me on your mat (or towel?) for this pilates sequence designed to awaken and ignite the power of your center. Building strength in your core [...]

  • Feel Your Fear. Serve.

Dance Your Way to Inner Freedom

Unleash your inner wild goddess. Set yourself free in mind, body, and spirit. Reclaim your power and embody your highest self. Let go of the habits and beliefs that keep you playing small. I’m sure you [...]

Vegan Dehydrated Falafel Balls

Falafel is an ancient dish that has been popular in Egypt and now the rest of the Middle East. It is one of the best vegan things that you can get when you dine out. [...]

Vegan Mexican Fiesta Bowl

Mexican cuisine is widely popular in the US. On every corner of most of the cities you can find a taqueria. However Mexican traditional food is very heavy with lots of fat and salt. But, [...]

  • How the universe brought me my love, JP

Discovering the Love We Deserve

We ACCEPT the love we think we DESERVE. THIS concept took me years to digest and integrate into changed behavior. For many many years, I found myself playing out patterns and cycles in my relationships [...]

  • Feel Your Fear. Serve.

How I Serve My Clients

A friend recently asked me about my purpose and how I serve my clients. I responded without hesitation: "I’m not here to do shallow shit." I am m not here to play in the shallow [...]

Work For Your Dreams

Your dreams won’t work unless you do. You cannot manifest your way to abundance and growth simply by putting it on a vision board or repeating a positive mantra. You cannot wish it to be [...]

  • Amber and Trees

Plant Trees & Save the Forest!

Plant more trees. Protect the ones we have left. Support and empower the indigenous people who have been protecting the forests for thousands of years. THERE IS NO TIME TO WAIT. Did you know half [...]

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