Most Important

Food is always a favorite topic among people. There are so many types of cuisines in the World, so many typed of diets as well. This month I have an opportunity to challenge my body and mind and bring myself to a new level of a Super Human Being: eating raw vegan meals.

Next Level of Greatness

Before coming to Costa Rica my diet was primarily vegetarian with consuming a little bit of raw and cooked fish and seafood. I was always very conscious about my eating and never doubted the plant-based diet. I cut off meat, dairy and any type of fast food 5 years ago. Since then I am a much happier, healthier and overall fitter person. Trying the vegan diet for a month was always something that interested me. I have read a lot about pros of raw vegan lifestyle. Besides the obvious benefits of feeling & looking great, I was particularly interested in having 5x more energy all day long. That was very intriguing 🙂 I am glad to say it exceeded my expectations! I feel I can ran marathons and sleep only 5-6 hours at night. It is very similar to the rush you got after drinking a very strong double espresso.

Lake a Chef

After experiencing the benefits I am all up to trying out new dishes because, as everything, variety always makes everything FUN.

During my EpicSelf Fellowship I will making new recipes for every meal of the day. Today’s choice for lunch was soup, and not just any soup but Creamy Raw Vegan Cauliflower-Cashew-Carrot soup! Yeah baby!

Here is what you need for 3 servings: 

1                  Carrot

1 head        Cauliflower 

1 head        Garlic

1 handful   Parsley

1                  Yellow onion small

2 tbsp         Nutritional yeast

0.5 cup      Raw cashews

1 tbsp         Paprika

1 tbsp         Coconut oil

1 tbsp         Olive oil

0.5              Lime


Simple preparation:

  • Peel the onion and carrot
  • Put everything in a blender
  • Blend thoroughly until creamy consistency
  • Decorate with bits of carrot, lime and parsley
  • Enjoy!


This was my first attempt and with Amber’s amazing guidance all the way through we made an Epic lunch meal that charges you for the rest of the day!

Buen Provecho a todos!