One of the BIG questions I was asked this weekend that lit a fire in my heart was, “Can you teach me discipline, consistency, and follow through?”


That is my job as a coach. I don’t only provide the tools, techniques, and systems necessary to succeed. I hold you accountable to your goals with deadlines and emotional support during the inevitable inner turmoil that arises when you are pushing your edge and playing outside your comfort zone.

I’ve received countless emails from new and established entrepreneurs who have spent a lot of money on online courses they never completed or took action on.

Or worse, some have spent thousands of dollars on business coaches who gave them very little tangible value and never held them accountable to timelines.

These leaders have decided to work with me now because I will hold them accountable. I am more than happy to have the tough conversations about their excuses in order to help them break free of the beliefs and habits that hold them back.

I strongly believe that a high integrity coach who truly cares about their clients and their results should do much MUCH more than just provide a “blueprint”.

Teaching discipline, consistency, and follow through while also empowering my clients to take radical responsibility for themselves is the foundation of building habits that will last a lifetime and affect all aspects of their lives. These habits will make or break any business. Period.

What are you going to do about it?

So, if you are struggling with maintaining focus and follow through on your big business dreams…

If you have a hard time showing up fully and giving your best to your work, family, friends, and partner…

If you struggle to stay motivated and consistent with fitness & nutrition…

You are not alone. Learning how to be disciplined is a daily practice. It’s not something you are born with. It’s something you learn.

I’m grateful I grew up in an environment that demanded a lot of me at a young age. It taught me these vital habits.

But it’s never too late. You are not done growing.

I’m here to hold you accountable so you can live a more fulfilling and meaningful life that aligns with your heart and spirit.

When you are ready, you know where to find me.

Join me today and learn the discipline, consistency, and follow through you need to succeed.


Mega Doses of Pura Vida!
Amber Sears


What areas are you struggling to have discipline, consistency, and follow through in? Comment below and let’s talk about it!