Cherish your dreams and your visions. They are the children of your soul and the blueprints of your ultimate achievements. – Napoleon Hill

My first trip out of the US as a teenager was to Costa Rica, followed shortly by Mexico and Thailand. As a young woman, these globe-trotting adventures opened my mind and heart to entirely new ways of being.

I realized I didn’t have to abide by the cultural programming I had grown up in that had left me feeling unfulfilled and unhappy. These adventures gave me a macro perspective of many walks of life and a variety of lifestyles that inspired me to create my own based on what resonated most with my soul.

I could expand far beyond what I thought possible by learning through experience. Moving across the world to live within a culture that aligned with my core values more was possible. I could learn a new language and teach an entirely new population. Or I could travel as a digital nomad. All I saw was opportunity.

I would return from each excursion forever changed. I quickly understood how vital and important travel was in my personal development. My dream company vision began to materialize. A travel, adventure, and experiential-based health and wellness company that allowed me the freedom to do what I love and be who I am.

I learned to honor that vision day in and day out to stay focused and driven. I set intentions every morning, prioritized what mattered to my heart, and did the mountain of work necessary.

It paid off, and I now find myself living my dream. I pinch myself often, remembering all that it took to get here. All the sacrifices, money lost, emotional distress, lessons learned, required fear busting, and the success breakthroughs.

⚡️Dreams do come true, but you must believe.⚡️

Let your inner child come out to play. Create your vision. Imagine what life could be like. Write it down. Put yourself around those who are already doing it. Stay focused and do your best to enjoy the journey. Follow your dreams.

You got this! I believe in YOU!


Mega Doses of Love & Pura Vida!

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