For the last 70 years scientists have known that the best way to extend the lives of their animal subjects was to decrease their caloric intake by 30-40 percent. While limiting the diet seemed to work wonders on the aging process, researchers had no clue why it worked, until now.

Recent studies have begun to discover the mechanisms behind the mystery.
Scientists hypothosize that reducing the amount of food eaten protects cells against aging and age related diseases, due to one of the main organelles contained in all cells. The Mighty Mitochondria (as I learned in biology class).
“Researchers report in the journal Cell that the phenomenon is likely linked to two enzymes SIRT3 and SIRT4 in mitochondria (the cell’s powerhouse that, among other tasks, converts nutrients to energy).
They found that a cascade of reactions triggered by lower caloric intake raises the levels of these enzymes, leading to an increase in the strength and efficiency of the cellular batteries.”~ Scientific American
Overeating is thought to be the major cause of premature aging. According to Paul Pitchford:
“Fifty years of research have shown that when a nourishing diet is eaten sparingly, aging is retarded; the maximum life span and immunity are extended in all animal species so far tested, from protozoa to worms, insects, fish, and rodents as well as humans.
 In fact, consumption of too much rich and denatured food is responsible for most of our civilized diseases, such as obesity, cancer, and diabetes.”~ Healing With Whole Foods
So what are we to do with all of this great information? To ensure you live a fabulous long life eat as much whole foods as possible and stop eating when you are 2/3rds full. Chewing your food fully and taking your time while eating will allow you to sense how full you really are.