Are you breathing? You know you must be, but how often do you feel or hear it? Right now, as you read this text, are you aware of your ribcage expanding and contracting? Breath is so simple. It’s always with us- flowing, changing, and accommodating.

Breath has the power to transform you from the inside out. In my first video pack available for digital download; Breath, Posture and Your Six Pack, currently being edited and out in two weeks, I offer two energizing morning breath routines and two soothing evening techniques.


Decide what type of energy you need and there’s a breath pattern to come to the rescue.

I’m elated for you all to see for yourselves in two weeks. Thankfully I’m already getting some press for the project! Pilates Style Magazine is the pulse of the pilates industry. After viewing my interview with they approached me for an interview and feature in their online newsletter. Below is a screen grab of the newsletter. Read the entire article.



More info coming soon with free PDF giveaways! Sending you much love and light this vibrant Tuesday. Follow your breath for a few minutes right now and see how it centers and wakes you up to the moment. Now is all we will ever have. Smile and breath.