The Epic Academy Fellowship Program

January 14th – Feb 14th, 2018 (Sold Out)

Are you an aspiring conscious entrepreneur who feels stuck and unable to get out of your own way? Do you want to immerse in a tropical lifestyle overflowing with organic food and daily training in mind-body fitness? Are you eager to transform mind, body and spirit, while building the business of your dreams?

Our 30 day Epic Academy Fellowship Program is a powerful opportunity designed to help aspiring and established conscious business professionals to up level their business, while enhancing their health and lifestyle. You’ll learn the ins and outs of the online coaching and retreat production business through immersion and most importantly by doing. 

In addition to learning through experience you will receive a substantial amount of personal coaching time designed to revamp all aspects of your conscious business, health, and fitness. Students who are accepted into the program are required to have specific goals for their personal business prior to arrival. We work with those goals diligently to first formulate an effective action plan and then execute. You will leave Costa Rica with a massive foundation to launch your dream and a longterm action plan beyond our time together.

Whats Included

  • Dorm Room and Shared Bath in our Manuel Antonio Mansion
  • 3 Organic Vegan Meals per day prepared by Chef Johanna Thorn
  • 90 mins Yoga & Pilates Class with me (Tuesday – Saturday)
  • Personalized In-Depth Nutrition, Fitness, and Business Action Plan
  • 2 Personal & Business Coaching Sessions with me per week
  • 8 Hrs of Social Media, Marketing, Advertising, Sales, Website Building Workshops
  • 2 Holistic Plant Based Nutrition Workshops with Johanna Thorn
  • 2 Hr SUP Yoga & Pilates Immersion with me
  • Manuel Antonio Park Day Adventure
  • Ground Shuttle Transport to and from Manuel Antonio
  • Personal Photoshoot & Images for Your New Website
  • Learn All Aspects of Running An Online Coaching & Retreat Company
  • Set Up Your Social Media Networks & Learn Growth Hacking Strategies
  • Learn How to Create Valuable Content and Compelling Copy for Your Blog & Social Media
  • Design Deeply Transformative Coaching Programs & Retreats

Optional Additions:

– One Temezcal Sweat Lodge
– Two Ayahuasca Ceremonies
– Nauyaca Waterfall Day Adventure
– Weekly 60 Min Massage

Past Student Testimonials

nic“I had such an incredible, mind-expanding, heart-opening experience at with Amber and Daniel. When I arrived I felt like I had mostly healed myself from the traumas I experienced, but after a couple days working with Amber and Daniel I broke down in an incredible release of all the emotions I had bundled up and hidden away. Amber held incredible space for me and was so patient, understanding, and compassionate. I felt like maybe I could start sharing my story after the way she accepted it as truth and continued to share her love.

Over the course of the following month I felt my heart opening up, my body releasing negative energy, and my spirit coming to terms with the memories it had repressed in order to survive. I felt inspired by Daniel and Amber’s beautiful spirits, motivated by their dedication to spreading light, elevated by their knowledge, and expanded by their calm and focused presence. I realized I could heal and help others by sharing my story, and I am beginning to feel the joy and release of sharing my journey with the world.

I feel the EpicSelf Fellowship has giving me so many amazing tools, including my new website and ninja communication techniques, to be able to share and help others on their health and nutrition paths and to recover from illness or medical treatments. I encourage anyone who is looking to grow and expand their health and wellness business to work with Amber and Daniel. Thank you so much to these beautiful souls who are full of compassion and patience, holding space for me to grow and transform into the best version of myself.” – Nicole Stasio, San Francisco, CA

“My time within the EpicSelf Fellowship was one of the best investments I ever made for myself. Amber facilitated my journey with care and precision, pushing me to push myself, supporting me as I developed and put in motion my dreams, educating me about food and movement, and unlocking a new sense of power within myself.

Daniel’s jedi style sales training flipped everything I knew about sales to the point that I can use my own energy and flow to explain my work and close clients. The key to the fellowship was learning that no matter what, that intentionality, humility, and a sense of consciousness should dictate all of my decisions – whether personal or professional. I highly recommend this program to anyone ready to step FULLY into their own power and rock it! – Jennifer DeSimone, New York

“So often we see people living a life on social media that they are not actually living in their everyday lives. It’s rare to find people who are authentically themselves in both worlds. When I was offered a fellowship position by Amber and Daniel, I was nervous about accepting for fear that what I seeing portrayed was not actually going to be what was offered.

I quickly learned that Amber and Daniel are two of the most authentic people you will ever meet. Every image Amber portrays on social media, she also embodies in real life. Every message and quote she posts, she lives by everyday. To be able to live, work and learn from the both of them for a month was the most profound experience of my life. They radiate love, support and guidance, every single day.

Looking back on this experience, I cannot believe how much my life has changed in such profound ways and in only one month. I learned nutritional information and raw recipes that will change my health and the health of others, who I can now share this information with. I built a business and website thanks to Amber’s social media, blogging, and SEO expertise. I learned incredibly useful sales techniques to match my specific business and my specific personality thanks to Daniel, who I’m convinced is not only the best person in the world at generating sales but who does so with incredible integrity.

My yoga, pilates and meditation practice evolved tenfold thanks to Amber, who I’m also convinced is the best instructor on this planet. But what sticks with me the most about my experience is that I found a completely awesome new tribe of friends and mentors who live their lives the way I want to live mine and who truly and deeply care about my personal and professional growth. I’m so grateful to have had such a life changing month. Thanks you two, for bringing me to Costa Rica and not only accepting me into your tribe but embracing me with such supportive and loving arms.”- Courtney Thorn, Vermont

jacobinwaterfallfinal“First off this fellowship was exactly what I was seeking in life and has been nothing short of miraculous! It was no walk in the park. I mean you really have to be ready to stop dreaming and start doing! Before this program I was plagued by perfectionism and procrastination. Luckily there is no time for that. From the challenges of writing blogs under a time constraint, I am now able to express my feelings with precision and velocity. So awesome!

But this program isn’t just all about hard work. During the extent of these 30 days I was able to check off some things on my bucket list which include…walking through the rainforest seeing animals like a sloth’s and wild monkeys. We visited captivating beaches and giant waterfalls. I went SUP boarding in the turquoise waters of a cove, practiced yoga everywhere, etc.

I was encouraged to transform my awful eating habits into a more plant/vegatable based diet. Coming from a guy who never ate a salad in his life before (true story), and stuffed his face with greasy cheesesteaks and pizza for lunch everyday. All in all, the nutritional diet I endured was such a monumental shift for me and my health & well being! Over all the biggest Lesson I will be walking away with is something I touched lightly on; the ability to stop dreaming and START DOING! This world is waiting for your EPIC entrepreneurial ideas and visions. But they will never get to experience them if you spend 4 years like I did waiting for the right time, the right words. The time is NOW,  and it always has been! I am now fully aware of that and committed to my life purpose and dreams I have for myself and this world.

Because of The Epic Living Academy Fellowship I now have the critical tools and confidence to take the dreams in my imagination and apply them to my life to be a part of the solutions for my personal evolution. I also have the vital training to turn these hidden treasures into a valuable service for the entire world around me. I can’t thank EpicSelf enough for their rock solid guidance! I am eternally grateful and HIGHLY recommend this program to anyone who is SERIOUS about transforming themselves and their dreams into a life they LOVE.”- Jacob Ellis

Our Gorgeous Jungle Mansion

Villa Jacana is a 5000 square foot, 4 level, 7 bedroom, luxury jungle mansion nestled in the Manuel Antonio Estates neighborhood. The home has gorgeous ocean views, multiple yoga decks, an open air layout and a private pool. The Balinese inspired decor creates a zen oasis for our training. The house also has the fastest wifi available in Costa Rica for all of our website building. Maid service is twice per week and the laundry facility is open for students to use throughout the month. The Quepos Marina and waterfront is a 15 min walk from the house and buses run every ten mins to and from Manuel Antonio main beach.

What Are We Looking For?

Most importantly, we are looking for students that are driven with a passionate heart who are eager to learn, make impact, and be successful.

A self starting, grateful and positive attitude are paramount to this program and overall success. Our goal is to find and work with those who want to monetize their dream, do what they love, make impact, and have an incredible time doing it.

How to Apply

Fellows are accepted through a multi-step application process. This program is limited to 4 students per month and runs a maximum of 9 times per year to ensure the utmost quality of experience and attention for each fellow.

All Inclusive Tuition

$6500 per student

A non-refundable deposit of $2,000 is required to hold your space. We offer payment plans as well. All installments are non-refundable and due one month prior to the program start date.

Apply Here


Arrivals and Departures: Manuel Antonio is 2.5 hours drive by car from San Jose. Once you register you’ll need to book your flight to land no later then 12:30pm noon on the day your program begins. Once we have your flight times the epic team will book your shuttle pick up from the airport and send you confirmation via email. Ground transport to and from San Jose International is included in your tuition.

Not Included In Tuition: Your flight. Transport costs while staying in Manuel Antonio. Extra costs related to your website design and build such as your hosting service, logo design and WordPress theme purchase. The EpicSelf staff will assist you with all logistics and planning once you register. Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions. We are happy to assist.